Saturday, October 1, 2016

Caturday - Retirement 101 - Session 7

 It is Caturday and it is now TockTober! Yep, another fun month of tock pictures.
So if you want to join in, show us your tocks. Also know as backside, hiney, tush, butt, and lots of other names I can't think of right now!

I will be hosting a day at the Tabby Cat Club later this month, on the 20th. That was Derby's purrthday.

I had an interesting day yesterday. Mum moved all of her stuff out of the big cold box, then she put me in her sleepy room along with a plate of gooshy foods. I heard noises and voices and then when mum let me out we have a new big cold box!

 Keeping an eye on the delivery information updates. It came late in the day.
Mum didn't put the food in until later. She let it cool down for a while before she put the stuff back in.

Alright, on to today's topic:   Excercise - Keeping Fit

Now we kitties are good at keeping fit. We do our stretches, play THoE to get our cardio in as well. Our beans aren't so good at it. When they are working, many of the sit in front of a puter all day long,  only getting up to take a potty break!

So often that carries over into retirement. That is not good. I have to give mum lots of credit, she has been going out for walks most every day. Now days when it has been super hot or raining hard she might not go out, but other than to take a day off here and there, she has been purrty good.

Now the super experts say to get 10,000 steps a day. Other places say to get 30 minutes of activity at least 5 days a week. Mum isn't quite up to the steps, but she is doing the 30 minutes average. But at least she is out and moving.

So, get your beans out the door and get them moving!

Happy weekend.


  1. may your cool box be ever full of yummy things for YOU!

  2. may your cool box be ever full of yummy things for YOU!

  3. That is a nice new cold box. My mum used to walk around the fields every day with me, but now I don't have the energy to do that. She carries me to the field so I can still check for mousies and introoders, then carries me back again, so she still gets her exercise.

  4. Good for your human! Mine has a FitBit and she works hard to get in at least 10,000 steps - she exercises at least 45 minutes a day nearly every day, so it's not that hard for her.

    We really, really need a new fridge. The humans keep talking about it, but so far no action.

  5. It looks like your new cool box is really big, which means a lot of room for food ! Great advice for keeping your human fit ! Purrs

  6. Ducky, you and your mom bean have this retirement thing figured out. Thanks for sharing all the lessons. We're taking notes for our mom bean.

    That cool box looks great! Does your mom bean keep your gooshy foods in it? Our does 'cuz Sasha likes his stinky goodness chilled.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  7. Wow! Lots of room for chicken and shrimp and fishies!

    Our question is, did they leave the box for you??

  8. Since our mom has retired, she's been really slacking on the exercise. She's been riding her bike a lot, but not enough for the experts.

  9. That is great that your Mom is keeping herself active.


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