Monday, October 31, 2016

ManCat Monday - Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treat? I prefer treats thank you and lots of them. I will do my best today to get as many treats as I can!

Mum has said she will put me in the sleepy spot while the candy moochers come to the door this evening. Mum is set with her stuff to hand out. She found what she likes to hand out, little Tootsie Rolls, several weeks ago at a good price.

Plus I can go hang out at The Tabby Cat Club, there is a Halloween party over there today. I have a very simple costume to wear, you will have to stop by to see it. Come by after lunch. No, I am not dressing up as Waffles! HAHAHAHAHA.

Miss Megan, you mentioned Caturday that you would like for mum to come and clean up your cupboards. She accepts, provided you pay her way there and back! Plus provide room, board and some sightseeing services! Is that OK?  I know that means I will have to miss her as you live on the other side of the world, but I will sacrifice this one for mum.

Feetsball Report

The Pack - they losted by one flippin' point! But they don't have some of their better players playing, either hurt or sick, on both defense and offense. Mum says they are doing good all things considered and she did have some things to cheer about today.

The Broncos - They won! Doing OK beating the SD team.

Oh yeah, it is the last day of TockTober, so I must end my post with a tock shot!


  1. We won't have trick or treaters here, except for Binga, who thinks that means treats or else! So it will be a good day for us.

  2. We have only had one trick-or-treater here in all of ten years, so we don't expect the doorbell to start ringing tonight. If someone tries to trick-or-treat here, they will be sent away with a can of cat food!

  3. Great 'Tock shot!

    We don't do Halloween over here, especially not at teh end of our lane, so we don't need to worry about loud noises.

    The Chans

  4. Nice tocks, Ducky! Happy Halloween!

  5. We haven't had a T-or-T'er for eons. Mom used to pretend we might so she could buy candy! *We* were never fooled by that. But it took her all this time to realize she couldn't down chocolate like the old days so this year there's no candy!

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