Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tuesday This and That

Sure nice to have mum home. She was really good when she got home, she got the stuff inside from the metal monster, then just sat down so I had a lap. I soaked up love and scritches for a long time!
So where did mum go? Off to Ioway to see an aunty and a cousin. The aunty sold her house and now lives in a nice senior place.
 Nice size living space, a kitch-hen area to the left, bedroom below. Mum says it looks new but is really 17 years old.
 Mum had a nice spot in the guest room at the place down the hall. With her own bath and all that.
 Mum says she mainly went to visit, see the people and did lots of eating. Fried chick-hen, ham, pizza! Now she needs to eat better for a while.
 They did go to this one place that a guy makes stuff from wooden match sticks. The US Capital and Notre Dame cathedral. A bit crowded in the place, so not able to stand back and get the whole thing in the pic.
 So mum loved being in a small town for a few days, the slow pace, the harvest going on, good foods.
Mum made sure she took along lots of pictures from me. Aunty used, to have kitties, but she was getting to the point she had too many kitties. Back ten years ago mum visited with Grampie and at that time she didn't have many kitties. You can read Derby's report here.  But when she moved out of her house her cousin said they took 63 kitties to the shelter! Yikes, way too many.

Happy to have mum home, sunny day so long naps in the sun. Mum is cooking away, smells good!


  1. It looks like that was a nice place for a senior living place.

    The Florida Furkids

  2. That looks like a nice place for your mum's auntie. Those matchstick buildings are amazing.

  3. The mum's auntie's place looks pretty darn nice! We bet she had a very nice visit. Our mom likes Iowa.

  4. We know the lap was the best part of Mom being home! What is better than a loving lap...?

  5. Glad that you mum is back home with you safely, Ducky, and that she doesn't head off again for a little while.

    Sydney, Australia

  6. Your mum is is quite the traveler since she retired! Hope she's home for awhile now.

  7. Yeah, 63 was too many... We gotta make sure TBT doesnt do that, or we will get lost in the crowd.


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