Monday, March 12, 2018

ManCat Monday

Poets generally love cats -- because poets have no delusions about their own superiority. - Marion Garretty

We had a wonderful weekend, lots of sun. Mum hid the hour in the clock but she went to bed early and also made sure there were extra crunchies out in case I got hungry, but she woke up on time on Sunday.
 The sun is working its way north so it is coming in the big windows that go to the floor. Mum caught me for the first time this year napping in the pod.
I also have been napping in places where mum likes to sit. She had gotten up from here to get a new book to read. I moved in, it was nice and warm.
 Why yes I do see you mum, what do you mean I have to move. Yeah, I didn't want to move, but she came around picked me up so she could sit down. Then I got to sit on her lap.
Spring is coming, mum found a few more little green shoots pushing out from the ground. Soon we shall have flowers.
Have a happy week.


  1. Yay, looks like the spring sun puddles are starting to make their way to your house, Ducky!

  2. Ah, um ... it looks like you were treating your mum's chair as a scratching pole there Ducky. Naughty!

    Sydney, Australia

  3. TBT got up a bit later than usually and played with the clocks a bit, but he made sure to feed us first (and often). So it was a good day. We think me may have even gained a few ounces!

  4. Hey handsome boy; have a good Monday okay?

    Emma and Buster

  5. Yippee for more sun at last! We live for this time of year!

  6. We have some green shoots coming up too, but it's snowing out right now! Make it stop, Ducky...make it STOP!

  7. It is nice to see the sun coming back to favourite places again.

  8. Your weekend sounds like it was wonderful, Ducky! We think those flowers will be up any day now.

  9. Yay for some sun ! It looks like you had a great weekend, Ducky ! Purrs

  10. Mom's been trying to go to sleep an hour earlier and it seems to be helping at least a little bit. No springtime here yet! catchatwithcarenandcody


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