Thursday, March 8, 2018

Throw Back Thursday

Winter decided to make a mini-comeback on Monday but most of the snow is already gone. Me and mum like that. The birdies are going crazy so that is another sign spring is coming. They want to get in on some loves.
 Me and mum having a nap, I loves to sit on her and nap. Depending on how I sprawl out across her I get all sorts of loves. I like that.
So what is our throw back today. Well, back in 2008 is was a really nasty winter with lots and lots of snow. Mum and Derby were sick of it so mum bought real flowers to cheer herself up. Yes Derby needed to get at them. Plus some of his furiends, Kaze, Latte and Chase had a contest. Derby won third place. Plus the quilt, well he didn't win that either. Mum checked the links, they still work, so if you want to see his poem that got him 3rd place, you can go see it.

Stork Hunting Squad from March 8, 2008
I am joining Ramses and other kitties to catch the stork or storks when Isis has her little kitties sometime in the next few days. I am ready to teleport at a moments notice to help the gang catch these big fevvers.

VOTE FOR ME! Simply Spring Siamese Contest

Voting is allowed through today, Saturday March 8. To vote, click on the link above to the Simply Spring Siamese Contest. Leave your vote in the comments. They are deleting comments so you don't know who has voted for whom or how many votes anyone has. Winner to be announced on Sunday. Tomorrow Darling Millie's mum will announce the winner of the big Gizzy Quilt auction for Project HAM. You still have time to buy your tickets to the auction. I've got my tickets purchased, I have crossed paws that I win.


  1. I hope spring is really on its way to you!

  2. Winter is fighting back, and we have snow flurries now, and had a lot more snow a few days ago. BUT, as long as it doesn't pile up...then we're good! Ducky, make sure you allow your mum to breathe when you nap on her!

  3. dood....therz a lot oh burd song round heer two......faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    when we seez virginger N crew; we will noe for sure spring haz sprunged !! :) ♥♥

  4. Maybe that will be the last snow of the season, Ducky.

  5. We didn’t get any snow thank cod. And we know spring is coming because it’s been staying lighter longer.

  6. We hope spring is coming too ! Purrs

  7. That was a good throwback! We think we're out of snow for the year and our bird visitors are going crazy for spring weather, too!


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