Saturday, March 31, 2018


HiYa, Ducky here. Happy Easter Eve! Hope the bunny bringing goodies brings what you want.

 Mum rolled out the griller machine from its winter spot. Woohoo, that means good noms coming up when mum cooks outside.
 She is trying to use up what she has in the freezer box, so she started with a couple of burgers. They were nice and tasty. Mum has chick-hen in the freezer, along with some brats. Then she will buy some new meats, some nice tasty steak will be good.
 It may be spring but the cool weather is hanging on and we may even see snow flakes today. It won't stick to the ground, but ick, we want spring weather. Sunny and getting warmer.
Happy Easter,


  1. I think spring overslept in your area, Ducky!

  2. Spring is always welcome. I hope your snowflakes don't hang around too long.

  3. I hope your mum got you some special treats for Easter, Ducky.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. We hope spring weather comes with Easter to you ! Purrs

  5. Happy Easter, Ducky and mum! We were forecast snow for today, but we have heavy rain instead.

  6. Happy Easter, Ducky and your mum! We love the look of your backyard now!

  7. Happy Easter Ducky!

    Enjoy your noms. Our mom bean says it will be awhile here yet as the snow is still in piles.


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