Monday, March 26, 2018

ManCat Monday

Nothing's more playful than a young cat... - Thomas Fuller

I may not be really young, but I can be playful. Mum heard me making all sorts of noise and I was attacking my hanging toy like crazy. Just releasing my inner kitten.
 Plus me and mum had some nice quiet time in the fevver watching chair. I put on my best cute face and spent time in her lap, plus I did my good boobity check on her as well. Gotta make sure mum is all healthy.

 Mum did some fancy cooking this weekend and made something called scallops. Oh my did they smell good and mum hadn't even cooked them yet. But mum didn't give me any of this as she said there was garlic and I can't have that.
 She mixed them with a bit of pasta noodles and then she chowed down. Said this was the first time she tried to cook scallops and said they turned out OK. She has more to cook so will try this again sometime soon.
 Last week of the month! Where has the time gone. So every one have a wonderful week.


  1. Hey, hang on. Your mum could have given you some scallops before she added garlic to them. Boy - she's a toughie!

    Sydney, Australia

  2. My human LOVES scallops! Now she's hungry.

  3. Our mom used to love scallops but developed a bad allergy to them so we have no idea what those are. We enjoyed your movie!

  4."wait for it" actshunz mooovee we haz seen...N we had betz ya waz
    gonna make a.. SURPRIZE.. pounce frum round de korner { 1:02 ore sew } !!! ☺☺♥♥

  5. Wish we could join you in playing with your hanging toy, Ducky!

  6. What a good weekend you had, Ducky. Too bad you didn’t get any of those scallop things.

  7. I LOVE a good action movie, Ducky ! Purrs.

  8. ask Mom to save some of those scallops for my Mom, she wants to come over. Love, Cody catchatwithcarenandcody

  9. Well, duh! She should cook a couple WITHOUT the garlic just so you can have some. What is she, some kind of monster, to eat those in front of you without giving you your rightful share???? Does she need a little trip to re-edumacation camp? It can do a Human a WORLD of good. They come back all clean and shiny and servile.

    Secondly, well, we know that the Humans gets together to stuff their faces after the funeral, but we did not know they actually called the food "funeral potatoes"?? Do they go with "funeral ham" and "funeral turkey" and "funeral salad"??? What are we missing out here on the Left Coast???

  10. That looks like a tasty meal. Next time she will make something special for you. Have fun Ducky with your hanging toy. Happy Respect Your Cat Day!!! Thanks for the share.
    World of Animals


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