Thursday, March 1, 2018

Throw Back Thursday

Happy Thursday, Happy March! We are expecting a bit of rain and maybe some snow today, but not much. We don't have much snow left since we had some nice warm days, warm enuf to have open windows. We are seeing some of the spring birds come back. 
 This is what snow was left Wednesday afternoon in the afternoon. Shouldn't be long before it is all gone. 
 So I have been chilling on my tower, mum has been reading lots as well as doing stuff outside. She even finally took down the outside Christmouse lights. The ground was finally not all wet and icky for her to walk on it.
 So what was Derby up to 10 years ago, well he got his Gizzy quilt. Plus since 2008 was a leap day we moved from Fang Shui Friday to just another day, even though it was a Caturday, he wasn't doing posts called Caturday like I do.

 The Gizzy Has Landed from March 1, 2008

The Gizzy quilt I won in Darling Millie's raffle last week arrived. Here is the package as mum brought it in from the box on the front of the house.
A close up of the quilt. As many of you already know, a photo does not do justice to the lovely fabrics that are used in these quilts.
Mum spread it out on the one end of the loveseat and I came over to check it out. I could see that Millie, the official QA, had done a good job. I could smell her as well.
So I jumped up to make a closer check.....
Circled around a few times....
Then landed myself on the quilt.
Thank you Millie and your mum for such a lovely quilt. I was very happy to help out with the raffle to help get green papers for Churchill to help with his vet costs. If you haven't purchased your tickets for the new raffle for Project HAM at Darling Millie's Blog, get that done today. They will be announcing the winner soon. I have my paws crossed that we win this huge Gizzy quilt. That would be my gift to mum!
This is me sitting on the stool when mum puts the flowers away so I can't get them. I think I am as pretty to look at as flowers. I still want to mess with the flowers but mum only brings them out when she can snoopervise me while the are out.

Happy Caturday, the sun is shining here so I will be taking lots of naps in the sun spots today!


  1. Terrific to see the Gizzy quilt. I am a big fan of Millie's mom, Lynne, and I know she makes wonderful quilts.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. That's a lovely post, Ducky!

    It is very cold here (by our standards) so we are all hunkering down!

    The Chans

  3. It looks like spring is on its way to you - meanwhile, I hear that there's a big storm brewing on the east coast!

  4. So great seeing Derby on his Gizzy quilt! Purrfect colors!

  5. Ducky, most of our snow was gone, but we've got a huge snowstorm right now! Oh noes!

  6. dood....sad lee...we iz startin ta heer burd song in de earl lee hourz oh morn... two ~~~~~ sigh ~~~~~~~~~~


  7. Ducky, you're as purty as any flower, we have to say!! Enjoyed your look back on a very special quilt. - Tom

  8. I remember the Gizzy Quilts, and that is a beautiful one.

  9. What a fun throwback! Glad to see spring is coming your way.


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