Thursday, August 9, 2018

Garden Thursday

Hello and Welcome to the Garden. Things are doing OK, warmish and a bit of rain. We think mum should get the grass eater out, things are getting a bit shaggy!
 We are showing you some bad flowers this week. These first two are sort of looking like morning glories but they are a close cousin that is invasive. Mum is going to have to work on getting rid of this. More icky stuff to work on. Mum sometimes thinks she should take a flame thrower to parts of the garden.
 Below is what dandy-lions look like if you don't mow them off. They get 3-4 feet high! This is along the trail, so not something mum has to work on, thank goodness.
 Below is our ornamental thistle, the hummers and butterflies like this plant. Mum got a few pics of a monarch flitting about a few days ago.
That is all for this week. Enjoy!


  1. Perhaps you guys could go your mum a favour and get the grass eater out and zip over the lawn with it for her? I'm sure she'd appreciate it. Lovely thistle flowers.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Is that invasive plant swallow wort? We have that in the Boston area and I know that it's related to morning glory. Such a nasty vine to deal with. If you try to pull them out of the ground the vine snaps because it has a very strong root system. the vines twist and choke out everything! The only way to get it out of the ground is to dig it out. Starting in July they produce bean pods and I pick them and throw them away in the trash to try to prevent it spreading (wear gloves, they can irritate your skin). I hope you don't have swallow wort and that whatever it is isn't so stubborn! Happy Thursday meowies and I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  3. Due to my broken hand this spring, I simply ignored the need to weed in our gardens. And, this made me realize that we have too much garden area, so I have plans to switch a few locations back to sod, or put in a bank of evergreen shrubs.

  4. We get those weeds in the first photo on the rough banks in the fields. They spread everywhere, even along the ground and into the fields if not kept under control. We call it convolvulus, but it may have a different name in the US.

  5. Thanks for the share. Looks like your mum has a lot of work to do. We wish we could have some rain here. It's too humid around here. Those dandy-lions really grow to really high heights. Hope you are enjoy a great summer day.
    World of Animals

  6. Phew everything has grown so big! Mom bean says she loves the ornamental thistle. She had no idea it attracted butterflies. Some gardener she is...MOL

  7. Lovely butterfly photos! We had invasive wild morning glories once, and Mom decided they all came from one root located in China. No matter how many she pulled up they would always return.

  8. We love seeing the butterflies. Seems like we haven’t seen many this year.

  9. We get those weeds too, and the battle against convolvulus is an endless one. Purrs


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