Saturday, December 15, 2018


HiYa, Ducky here. Happy Caturday! We have a wonderful sunny day here. Mum has gotten her self out of the sleepy spot.

Mum is catching up on the moving picture box this early. Me, I am doing my usual and hanging out on the hammick by the heaty spot.
Only 10 more days until Christmouse. What shopping mum had to do is done and the stuff was shipped directly to them. No wrapping stuff, she lets them do that. Plus with free shipping, why get it shipped here and then have to pay to ship it again.

Mum has been bizzy meeting lots of furiends for holly-day meals, brekkie, lunch or dinner. She is bizzy and she isn't bringing me any leftovers!

Guess I will go and watch for fevvers in the back, maybe I can get her to join me.

Happy weekend.


  1. We have had torrential rain here again today!
    Sounds like your mum is having lots of fun, but you need to talk to her about bringing some leftovers home.

  2. No leftovers??? Boo hiss Mum! If you can't bring any leftovers home, then perhaps it's a matter of stopping at the shops on the way past and buying something really yummy. That seems fair, don't you think Ducky?

    Sydney, Australia

  3. I never get any leftovers either...wait....Mom hasn't gone anywhere since Thanksgiving MOL. Love, Cody

  4. So THAT is where all our sun has been lately! We're on our 3rd day in a row of rain today.

    Hey, you just gave TBT a great idea - A heaty mat ON a hammick!

  5. Ducky, peeps get all busy and crazy at this time of year! Best thing for kitties is to nap and stay out of the way!


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