Thursday, December 13, 2018

Throw Back Thursday

Pretty quiet around here. The weather guessers were getting all acited, snow and ice on Tuesday night. What did we get? An hours worth of snow 9 to 10 AM, pretty much melted by 11 AM. Sheesh guys, really? Although mum was headed out for a lunch date with a furiend, when the furiend said they wanted to come shop at a store near us. So they had lunch close and mum didn't have to drive so far. 
 I just spend most of my time here soaking up the heat. Then I go sit on mum and soak up some of her heat. At night I crawl under the covers to soak up her heat. I stay there until I hear the heaty monster come on, then I am out and back on the ham-mick to stay warm.

Our Throw Back takes us back again to 2008 and Derby. Showing off his underside!

From December 13, 2008

Sixth Folder, Sixth Picture Meme

I got tagged for the picture meme by 4 Cats Ruffin It. I sent this picture in for the CB Calendar for 2008. It is on the December page, for "party time".
Mum had three folders of pictures for her then Catpics05, Catpics06, Catpics07. So this was from 2007. I was cellybrating getting my collar taken off, you can see it by my tail. I also think mum had brought home something that had nip on it, so I was being a bit nipped out!

I tag the rest of the cat blogosphere on this one, show us your pictures!


  1. I understand that it's much harder for the weather guessers to get snow forecasts right than it is for them to get rain forecasts right - something to do with the nature of snow falls being much smaller/more random than rain. Not sure but I guess it's that old cliche of, "They can put a man on the moon, but they still can't get the snow forecast right - or even close!". Good that you've figured out a daily programme for keeping warm in various parts of the house Ducky.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Our weather guessers blame Lake Michigan when they get the forecast wrong. Great seeing Derby in that cute flashback! Too much nip can knock one off their feets!

  3. Angel Derby was showing off much more than his underside...his foofoo was in the air too! Must have been the nip...
    About weatherguessers, I check out the radar and temps often on my phone, so I can make a decision for myself. Like this morning; where I live had rain, but here where I work, there was snow!

  4. You looked pretty relaxed there. That's a cool meme.

    Emma and Buster

  5. Our weather is pretty consistent, so it's hard for the weather humans to get things wrong here!

  6. Ducky, you have all the heat moves down! Derby sure looked like he was happy that day.


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