Thursday, December 27, 2018

Throw Back Thursday

 Hope everyone had a marvy Christmouse. Mum and I had a quiet morning, then she went off to have dinner with Miss Lynn and her old folks. You can see their wheely chairs, also Devil Dog Shelby.
 Miss Lynn with Shelby, who needs to be watched closely when there is food out. She loves to steal food, any food from the table or countertops. She doesn't mind.
 Giving mum a pathetic look wishing mum has food or something to give her, but mum does not give her stuff. She leaves that to her human. Mum says she is better behaved than she used to be.
 ME! Hanging out by the sparkly little Christmouse tree.
Our flashback takes us back 10 years.Also, today is Derby's Bridge Day, he left us four years ago.

From Friday December 26, 2008

Finally Friday

Hope all of my furiends had a lovely Christmas or other hollyday that they cellybrate.

We had a quiet Christmas, mum came home early on Christmas Eve and spent lots of time outside clearing the snow from the driveway and raking the roof. Raking the roof means wading through the at least knee deep snow, more if there is snow piled up, like about hip deep. By the time she was done she was furry cold and wet. So a hot shower to warm her up and then she let me chat with the gang on Chatzy.

Christmas Day mum and Grampie went to church and then came over here for lunch and all. We exchanged prezzies, mum got a couple of DVD's. I got a few toys, Grampie got a cane! Not that he needs one at this time, but just in case he needs one.

I got a full can of stinky goodness for lunch, which meant I left mum and Grampie alone while they had their lunch. They had ham and I know there is some left for me to have at a later time.

Here is how mum spends her time once she can sit down at home. TV on, feets up, her nice kittie blankie on her legs to keep warm. If the TV isn't on, she is reading a book.
The she has a favorite beverage by her side. Hmmmm, I see four things to drink from here! A big glass, a wine glass, a can of soda and an icey mix of yummy Irish Creme. Mum was trying to keep me away from her drink here.
But I got at the drink anyway. I jumped up on the couch, went behind her head and then down on the arm of the sofa between her and her drink. hehehe Then I started to lap up that good creamy stuff, not bad, a little kick to it. I didn't get too many licks but they were good. That gave me my red nose on Christmas Eve. Mum only buys this stuff at Christmas time.

It is supposed to warm up today and tomorrow and do some melting. That is why mum had to get the roof raked, so the water goes down the right spots from the roof and not into the house with us! Otherwise we are going to spend our day, napping and reading.


  1. You look very cute next to da tree.

  2. Purrs to you and your human, as you remember Ducky.

  3. It's a hard time of year, for unhappy anniversaries, but we remember the love and happiness too.

  4. We're sure you helped your mum bean as she remembers her Derby. You look adorable by the tree Ducky!

  5. Derby was a wonderful personality. I miss him. Hugs for you and your mum on this anniversary.

    Sydney, Australia

  6. We’re glad you and your mum had a nice Christmas, Ducky. Purrs to both of you as you remember sweet Derby today.

  7. We're glad you had a good Christmas with your mom, Ducky. Purrs and hugs for this special day.

  8. We didn't know Derby but know our old brothers and sisters did (and our mom, too). She says it's hard to believe it's been four years since he flew away. We're glad you're here, Ducky! Mom says you are very well-behaved near that cute little tree.


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