Monday, December 17, 2018

ManCat Monday

Managing senior programmers is like herding cats. - Dave Platt

Mum says that is some sort of jobbie. Heck, we don't do jobbies anymore, we just chill and relax at home in retirement. Me and mum both like retirement.

Nice sunny weekend on both days. On Caturday, afore mum went off to eat out again this week, I planted myself next to mum to soak up some sun, love and gets some pets. Mum gives really good pets. This is only half of the moovie mum made, the whole thing was too long to upload!

Don't be hard on mum for not bringing leftovers. She said she has been eating stuff that I wouldn't eat, like eggs! She went out for brekkie with a couple of furiends and had an omelet, then Caturday she and Miss Lynn tried a new place and she had another omelet. Don't worry, I got lots of other treats. She said she is pretty much done going out to eat with furiends for this month. Said she has touched  base with the people she needed to for the holly-daze. Exchange little gifts, for mum that means giving them peanut brittle. She gets back other goodies in return, like cookies, jam and peppermit bark.

Feetsball Report

The Pack is done, stick a fork in them, they are done. They losted to Da Bears in Shy-town, keeping the streak of not winning an away game intact for the season. They are completely eliminated from the playoffs, no way they can make it at all. This is the second season in a row they won't make the playoffs, and it has been since the 2005 and 2006 seasons that they had two seasons like this. Heck, this was afore ARodg was the starting QB. This was under Grampa Brett.

Oh well, better luck next year under a new coach.

Have a good week everyone. Christmouse is next week!


  1. The Human wants to know if your Mom would be interested in trading you for me? *I* don't really think that's very nice of her. But wow, she thinks you are waaaaay more evolved on the feline good boy scale. She said she'd throw in some used 49'ers stuff to sweeten the deal.

  2. You are REALLY enjoying yourself, Ducky!

  3. You are loving those tummy rubs, and you have got very happy feet.

  4. That's a cute video, Ducky! You're just like us, you like belly rubs!

    The Chans

  5. Ducky, we certainly understand that human food is not always good for kitties, even though you think that you'd like it!

  6. What a cute video ! You do enjoy your tummy rubs ! Purrs

  7. It is best to have a retired pawrent. You look very relaxed.

  8. Ducky, you are biscuit-making happy!

  9. Ducky, you really enjoy your pets!

  10. Fabulous moovie Ducky. I loved seeing your happy paws.

    Sydney, Australia

  11. oh I love how you are making biscuits while Mommy pets you!! xoxo


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