Thursday, December 20, 2018

Throw Back Thursday

Still no snow on the ground here. We actually had 5 days in a row with lots of sunshine and we really like that here, you get lots of smiles when it is sunny. Yesterday was the first day it was cloudy.

Mum has a long board of the library meeting last night. Firs they were discussing the possible renovation of the building AND how much it might cost. Guess it will be lots and lots of green papers and how do they get all of those green papers. To be continued as they have lots of questions for the architect.

Mum's money man came to the house yesterday. He had a paper mum needed to sign and he was in the area, so he said he would just come by. Plus he wanted to meet me! Guess he has a kit too, but mum says he is a big kit, like a Norwegian Forest Cat. Anyway, he saw me on my hammick and he came over to say hi. I did let him get a quick touch, but then moved away. Mum told him he was lucky to touch me as you know I am not good with strangers.

If you liked my movie from Monday, our flashback takes us to when Derby was showing off his underside. You know we kitties don't show our belleh's to you if we feel unsure of you. 

From Friday December 19, 2008 

Affection Friday

If your cat is in the habit of rolling over and exposing their stomach, you can be sure they feel perfectly safe with you. Perhaps there is no more convincing sign of feline affection.
Oh yeah I love tummy rubs! When mum comes home I rub up against her and then plop down and show her my belly. I gets lots and lots of rub on my tummy.

It is going to be a snowy Friday here. Mum already knows she won't have to drive into work and can work from home. But it is going to be lots and lots of snow to move from the drive, she is not looking forward to this. We had way too much snow last winter and this one is getting off to a bad start. Mum hopes that like a few years ago there was lots of snow in December and then nothing for the rest of the winter. Time will tell.

Glad you like my whapping of the snow people. Mum only puts out the ones that won't break if they fall on the floor. None of them are heavy, so they are easy to whap off the shelves. Mum says some extra holliday toys for me to play with.

Continuing purrs for my buds Miles, Beau, Moki and any other kittie or bean that needs healing purrs.


  1. Looks like it's fund-raiser time at the library! Our library's ancient elevator went on the fritz about a year ago, and it took months to raise the $ needed, then the repair itself! That doesn't compare to renovating a whole building.

  2. That Derby was one good-lookin' mancat--which is, I hasten to say, NOT to say that you are not equally handsome yourself, Ducky.

    The Human didn't think you'd really take her up on the trading places idea, Ducky--she knows you gots the cushy good life there, Pal. It was more that she wishes you might come teach me to be a nicer kitty, ha ha ha!

  3. You must have known the money human was a cat guy since you let him touch you.

  4. We remember that adorable tummy of Derby's!

  5. Ducky, we think you were very brave. We always hide when there are aliens in the house.

    Oh that Derby belleh!

  6. How come Derby had Christmas ornaments to whap and you haven't - well, that is to say, you haven't mentioned whapping any and I'm confident you would have if you'd had any to whap, so what's the story there?

    Sydney, Australia


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