Thursday, November 7, 2019

Garden Thursday

Hello and Welcome to the snowy and cold garden! We girls are safely tucked away for the winter. Monday morning mum was out moving things on the patio. Umbrella table tucked away, her chair moved to the side. Plus the four of us in the storage box until spring.

So we didn't see mum go kerplunk!. However we did hear the fall and feel the ground shake. Yes, we kitties are sensitive to our humans. Nothing we could do to help her, but she is plucky and got her self up and to the doc.

So what does it look like this morning? Cold and white. Lots of leaves on the trees yet. Mum has someone lined up to hopefully come and take care of the leaves and mowing once this early snow melts.
We all appreciate the kind words for mum. The healing purrs and prayers. She should be good to go for spring! We will see you then.

Love, Virginger, Glimmer, Trooper and Fleur.


  1. We are sad to hear that your mom has broken herself! We've entrusted Ducky with nursing duties, and hope that she feels better soon! We had snowfall this morning, and many here at the office have HBO words to say about that.

  2. hay ewe galz....ya noe, we wood looze it it we had snowz like thiz all reddy.....faaaaaaaaaaa....guezz itz bout time for hibernationz huh...glad mum haz sum one ta hope full lee help her out ☺☺♥♥

  3. I am glad you all are tucked away for the winter. My Garden Cats came in before we went on our cruise and are Window Cats now.
    I hope your mum is managing okay and heals well.

  4. Brrrrr, that sure looks cold Ducky. Purrs to your Mom from all of us, we hope the healing happens fast.

  5. You got a lot of early snow, so it's good you're in for the winter. We are sure sorry your mum broke her ankle. Our mom feels for her.

  6. I bet your Mum is relieved that she got most of the yard work done before she broke her ankle ! We hope she can rest for a bit while you keep her warm Ducky !


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