Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Tuesday This and That

Noisy day here. The guy game to blow all the leaves off of the roof. I don't like it when I hear people walking up there. Mum knows the guy who does it, same company that comes around and makes sure the mousies don't get inside the house.

Mum went to lunch with Miss Kellie yesterday. She was one of my sitters when mum went to France, but even though I know her, I am shy around people when mum is here. When mum isn't around I will let other people pet me.

Beyond lunch Kellie walked through the store and got mum more milk. Then did a few quick clean up jobs inside. Like wiping up around my food dish and scooping my box. Not to worry, my box is upstairs so mum can get at it every day!

Today mum drove to the library just to drop off a book that is due on Friday. She used the outside book drop and that went all good. Mum likes to get out even for just a little bit. 
 Mum is going to need to move the fevver bath and this feeder. The sqwerl jumps to the bath, then into the feeder. Mum figures this guys get enuf foods from what the fevvers spill.

Now when mum moves off her chair I like to go and sit cuz it is all nice and warm. However now I have to get out of her way. Crippled lady needs to sit.
Me, taking a jump from the table behind mum's chair to the back of her chair. I do what I can to keep her amused!
That is about it for now. Purrs.


  1. That silly squirrel was sure having fun and that was a purrfect jump Ducky!

  2. That squirrel sure has his nerve! You were nice to move for your mum. Ours can practically sit on us before we move!

  3. Silly squirrel ! It's nice to move for your mom, Ducky, you're a true gentlecat. Purrs

  4. I'm glad you are keeping your human entertained, Ducky!

  5. Great action movies there Ducky!

    Sydney, Australia

  6. Ducky, The PO'M likes to sit where I'm sitting too! I now slowly lower myself onto the deck, so I don't sit on top of him...then, he jumps into my lap and tries to tear my clothes into bits.

  7. Ducky, don't let Mom forget that when you are in her chair, you are keeping it warm for her !

  8. I had to protect our house from the Haloweeny squirrels! It was difficult, but I made sure they stayed out of the backyard on Halloween.


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