Monday, November 4, 2019

ManCat Monday - Blog Blast for Peace

A cat likes to hear you calling him. He sits in a bush a yard from your shoes - and listens. - Pam Brown

All of us here at Just Ducky, that means me and mum, are wishing for a peaceful world and a climate that suits all beings.

If you got an election in your area tomorrow, go vote. It is your chance to have a say in what goes on.

Feetsball Report

The Pack - they went to the lest coast and stunk the place up. Mum only saw the end of the game and that was more than enuf for her. 

So where was mum? She was off seeing Hamilton with Miss Lynn.They liked it and then went to dinner. Plus for a change she brought some stuff home and it is chick-hen. I better get some!

Have a good week everyone.


  1. We don't have an election this time around... but you know my human will have her ballot ready next year!

  2. It is always very important to use your vote!
    Nice globe.

  3. I could do with some cooler weather where I live, Ducky.

    I do hope that you score some of that leftover chick-hen.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. Beautiful message Ducky! We don't have an election here either.

  5. My sister and niece are nutso for Hamilton!
    We all can join together to bring peace and cleanliness to our planet.
    I have my voting cheat sheet ready; I've not missed a vote in decades, 'cause it's important!

  6. I normally DO vote, but tomorrow...alas I am not. Love your graphic!

  7. We're with you, Ducky and mum!

    Our mom voted early, so we're all set.

  8. Hard to believe but we don’t have any important election things gong on this time.

  9. I LOVE your peace globe with the quote by Greta. Yay! May you have good results with your voting.


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