Saturday, March 7, 2020


HiYa Ducky here! Happy Spring, more signs of spring, the snow is going away and me and mum saw our first robin yesterday.This was what the back looked liked yesterday AM. We had lots of sunshine yesterday so more is gone, plus this weekend is going to be really warm. That means open windows!
Mum just caught Mr Robin as he flew away from the meal worm feeder. When mum went outside later she could hear and see him up in the maple tree. Later he came around to get a drink.

Mum even walked around the parts of the yard that had no snow. She can see more of the two-lips, daffs and crocus flowers coming up. Future flowers coming!

She also checked out the back and thinks she sees the vine that tripped her up and broked her ankle. She could get at it yet as there is snow, but once she can she will go out and cut it!

Plus she walked around the yard without her brace on and her ankle felt just fine. That's a good thing.

I was having fun last night playing with the end of mum's yarn stuff. She has been trying to get the purple blankie done, then she will be done with blankies until it gets cold again next fall. She will work on hats while it is warm.

Everyone have a good weekend and I hope you get lots of warms and window whiffs!


  1. Our robins are very different than yours and stay here all year round. They are often called Robin Redbreasts and are used a lot on Christmas cards. I had a picture of one in my post yesterday.
    You were having a fun game with the yarn.

  2. I'm glad your snow is going away and I'm glad the Mom is getting around good! You sure were having some yarn fun!!!

  3. You and Mom sure work well together on her knitting.

  4. Less and less snow : spring is coming, yay ! Purrs


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