Thursday, March 5, 2020

Throw Back Thursday

Wowza, the weather continues to be nice. Mum is leaving the window open in her sleepy spot all the time. Just a little bit open, but that means fresh air 24/7.

It has been so nice I have begun napping in the front window, soaking up the sun as I bath, then a bit of a nap.

Mum got a moovie to watch from the library. All about racy cars.

Today's throw back is looking back to open windows and me and Derby starting to get used to each other some more.

Open Windows and 'Sploring

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mum took off for a while this morning, but then she came home with Grampie, but they just sat outside in the sunshine for a bit. Plus they talked to some of the neighbors who have sticky little things that came over too.

But after mum took Grampie home she opened the windows! Yes she did!
The fresh air is delish!
I agree Derby! Oh my, we actually agree on something!
The lady even opened the big window in the back, just a tiny bit so we could get fresh air and see the birdies.
Then the lady got busy, even going down those stairs to do something. I followed along to see what I could find. Hmm, a bit cluttery, messy and dirty, just your basic basement. Derby calls it the dungeon.
Boxes and a fake tree.
Sort laundry, plus the washy machine was working on a load at the time.
More litter boxes.
A big old room with tools and stuff. The lady says it is the work area. I smell mousies here too.
Guess I gotta go by the big kittie if I want to go back upstairs. No problem, I will just jump over him. I won't get lost if I have to go down here again. Places to 'splore but no place to get outside.


  1. You are lucky to be getting good weather. We are still getting continuous rain. February was the wettest on record, and if it keeps up March stands a good chance too.
    It is lovely to see the flashbacks of you and Derby getting to know each other. Did you jump over him to go back upstairs?

  2. dood....eye due knot thinkz me N mackerull iz ever gonna get used ta each other ???!!

    hay N joy sum fresh air window time for uz pleez...we still got fern nizz visitin uz ~~~~~~~~~ :) ♥♥☺☺

  3. That was fun and open windows are always so wonderful!

  4. Oh, the idea of open windows...!!!

  5. Lovely flashback ! Nothing better than fresh air ! Purrs

  6. Our mom is a wimp and thinks it’s still too cold to open a window. Though we have been getting some nice sunshine.

  7. We've had some wonderfully warm days here lately, and mom's been opening the windows and the sliders, so I get the fresh air AND I can go right outside to sit in it.


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