Thursday, June 22, 2006

All Things Thursday

First Fat Eric has informed me that Mandy has arrived in her new home in London. No issues with getting into the country, so gues she can apply for catizenship after the waiting period. They are busy getting to know each other.

Inky made it to The Tower Hill mob on Tuesday, so the only one not yet arrived is with Zeus. Maybe I can check with him directly has he will be here tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Zeus is coming to visit Whiskerconsin. He will be in the Madison area to visit with Bonnie and Victor. Then head over towards the Milk-wau-kee area to see The Crew and me.

I didn't get a chance to send the postcard, but maybe we could stop here before you head back to Texas.
This place is south of the border, Illi-noisy, and maybe I can get some speed running tips for the next Catolympics from the horsies.

Just so you know mum wented to this place yesterday for work. Well, work, but fun work. I don't know about that girl. She tries to make it out she works SOOOO hard, but then they have time for this? Mum says it is a chance to blow off steam before quarter close. Yeah, right. And no she didn't win lots of money betting. She only won $3 dollars, and she bet a little more than than. But she assures me she didn't lose my treat and toy money.

OK, I need to get rested up for Zeus tomorrow. Bye.


  1. Rest up for your big day with Zeus. I know you guys are going to have so much fun! Be safe!


  2. Have fun wif Zeus!! Our momma wuz borned in the town where that horse track is! She an daddy an grammie and grampie are gonna go up to Chi-ca-go and Whisk-con-sin in a few weeks. They're gonna be in Lake Geneva tho.

  3. Wow Derbs sounded like you had a great adventure wif Zeus!

  4. Derby! Are you rested up yet from our adventure wif Zeus? It was so much fun! I gotta go to that fish place. An I nefur would haf guessed Bucky would be at the Kohl Center. Great dancin, bud! Still tired - time for nother nap.

  5. What a great time you had with Zeus, Derby! I have just been reading about it. My mum has been reading me bits out of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel pages which your mum used as packaging in the box with Mandy. My mum is like that, she can't resist reading stuff. She loves reading newspapers from distant places to find out what's going on. And we learned lots about Wisconsin from Zeus's travels - we didn't know it was famous for cows and cheese. My mum says, it's one more place to add to her list of places she wants to go one day. My mum and dad are going to Mericky again in August, but to Boston, not to Wisconsin.


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