Friday, June 2, 2006

Vir-ginger's Little Brofurs and Sisfurs

Vir-ginger has founded one her little brofurs. He got adopted by Bonnie Underfoot & Victor Tabbycat's family. His name is Charcoalie, Vir-ginger just calls him Charcie.

So Vir-ginger is sending lots of good vibes to him. She hopes that the rest of her littermates all ended up in good homes as well. A couple more are on their way to live with the Calico Girls. Crew's View says they have one too. Do you have one of her litter mates? Vir-ginger would love to know if you do, she says she was one of a HUGE litter. She said there was squillions in her litter.

She is sitting out front on the post, with her usual big smile. Waiting to hear from her littermates.
P.S. I am fine after my issues from the other day. No more mishaps and mum thinks I probably have all of my nine lives. Phew, I hope to stick around a while. But the good thing, at least for now, NO COLLAR!


  1. I am glad you are ok. I just read everything. WOW. My mommy had one of those thermometers too. HAd is the word.

  2. We is looking for Sunny and Cloudy to arrive. Momma....check the mail.......

    Patches Lady

  3. We're curious where Vir-ginger's litter comes from since we don't know where to look. We would love to adopt one of her brothers or sisters!

  4. M egusta mucho tu amigo silencioso!=^.^=

  5. What happened to you is the reason I don't wear a collar. I mean, they're probably worth it, for ID and all. . . but there's a slim chance disaster can result!


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