Saturday, June 24, 2006

Thank You. No, Thank You!

I gotted my first real post office mail with my name on it. I was so excited and wondered who it was from. Mum readed it to me and it was from Le Trois Chats, Turtle, Moose, Nala and their mum in Texas. It was a furry nice thank you note for Storm Cloud. No, thank you for adopting Storm Cloud.
I guess I am rested up after the big adventure with Zeus yesterday. I gotted to see lots of things here in the state of Whiskerconsin. Yes, the place is lots more than beer, Packers and cheeseheads. If you come to visit, let us know. We can tell you fun places to see. Mum says Chatty Belle is near where Grampie lived when he was a little wafer. Plus uncles Flip and Stormy wented to Bucky's school. Mum considers herself an honorary Badger.

I tried to rest up as best I could, but I also had my duty to help mum last night even though I was tired. We had a real live mousie in the house last night. I tried to get him caught and mum was trying to help me. But then it wented and hid in the corner behind the cabinet. But I stayed on watch, it finally came out and I got it chased into the bathroom. Mum closed the doors and she killed it. Yes, I must admit it, she killed the mousie not me. Mum says I was having far to much fun just playing and chasing it. Mum says I need to develop my killer instinct.

Mum has been busy working outside early today. She gotted the grass cut off and the birdies all fed. Plus we have baby birdies, both sparrows and wrens. They make lots of noisy as they wait for their mum's and dad's to bring them food. Plus mum had to refill the little sack with nesting stuff in it. That means the birdies are getting ready for another round of babies. Now it is raining very softly. Which means nice napping weather. Z z z z z z z z z.


  1. Momma wants to kiss your furry pink toes. Don't tell anyone, but she kisses ours all the time. She has a toe fetish, we think.

    Patches Lady

  2. We have noisy baby birdies here too. And I'm not allowed to hunt them. How unfair is that?
    ~~ Pepi

    Your furry pink toes are cute, Derby. My toes are black. With just one white spot on one toe.
    ~~ Sanjee

    Go Derby's Mom! You got the mousie!
    ~~ Mini

  3. A for real mousie! We don't blame you for wanting to toy with it for awhile, but humans are so impatient. They really should take lessons from us cats.

  4. Derby you are soooo very cute and cuddle-eee lookin'.

  5. Beautiful post today. Love the pics & the snuggly nappy one!


  6. I am afraid of mousies. I admit it. Mama is very ashamed of me.

    Please don't tell.

    Mama said sometimes she gets homesick for Wisconsin when she reads your blog. That's silly. She was a little girl when her bean family moved from there!

  7. You Mom is an actual MOUSER! Our Mom has problems even with big spiders. Well, SHE thinks they're big. She is very impressed with your mom's mousing skills, and so are we.

  8. You're a really handsome guy, Derby.

    Just had to say that.


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