Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rainy Day, Bummer Day

It has been a quiet day, mum came home and we snuggled for a while. I was happy to have mum to snuggle with as we had some sad news about Tiffy from 5 Cat Style & The Flyer. A sweet, young kittie wented to the Rainbow Bridge much sooner than would have been expected.

Mum says thank you for the comments that she buys me cool stuff. Yes she does. Grampie says she spoils me and she agrees. She likes spoiling me. It is always nice to see what she finds me. Plus I know there is a package in the purresent closet that is something for me. But for some reason mum hasn't gotten it out for me.


  1. Thank you for honouring Tiffy's memory. We are furry furry sad about the whole thing. ::purrrs::

    You are my DerbySweetheartCat and you deserve to be spoiled! I can't believe she has a purresent for you and you haven't gotten it yet! I hope you get it soon.

  2. Maybe she's waiting for THURSDAY!

  3. Have you been peeking ina closet? Let us know what it is!!

    Momma didn't go to read about Tiffy cuz it makes her all way sad and she gets too upset.

    Patches Lady

  4. Derby

    It was a sad situation with Tiffy. I am left speechless by things like that because it is so senseless.

    Your Mom is so sweet to spoil you...but you are so sweet and you spoil her back!


  5. This is important, Derby! Make this a priority. You must see what's in that package.

  6. Must be a good present if she's saving it!

  7. Ah, see you need to go stand by the door and meow until she opens it and gets the present out for you. Why is she waiting and making you suffer like that?

  8. Thank you for leading me to this story the other night. I was so upset I couldn't even comment for a couple of days. So sad. I'm glad all the kitties in our community are so loved and lucky.
    ~ tammara

  9. Thank you for remembering little Tiffy. She was a sweetheart who massaged my heart fully in that one week she lived with me. Stay forever with your Mom, won't you?

    ~5-Cat Style


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