Thursday, June 8, 2006

Grape Race

Mum has a big vine, she says it is a grape vine. She likes it 'cuz when it is growing in the summer you can't see next door. So she can sit on the patio and have privacy.
This is what it looked like the first week of May. The leaves were just beginning to open up.
This is Vir-ginger sitting in the same spot now. The leaves are really getting big.
And if you look at those little round green things, mum says those will grow up and be grapes that can be eaten. Mum says if she hadded time she could make jelly or wine, but she justs leaves them for the birdies to eat. They ated all of them last year.

Plus mum putted in the last of the big plants tonight. Two honeysuckles and two butterfly bushes. Plus she wented to the store to get the proper shipping stuff for the little kitties. So she gots to work on that over the next few days.

Now maybe mum will have more time to snuggle with me.


  1. Vir-ginger looks like she stays home real good! Do you think she will ever talk to you?

    Momma said when she was a little wafer her Grandma had grapes and her momma made jelly with them. They was purple, whut color are yours when they are growed....purple or green?

    Patches Lady....

  2. That's nice that your Mum gives the birdies the fruit. We have lots of bushes in our yard that have berries for the birdies to eat and we like to watch them.

  3. I like your grape vine, Derby. My Cornish grandma has a grape vine but the grapes never get ripe enough for humans to eat. I expect the birds eat hers too. My mum says we couldn't get grapes to ripen here unless we had a greenhouse or a conservatory to grow them in.

  4. I like your grape vine, too, Derby. It made me homesick for when I used to live Up North and my humans had a vine like yours. It was a lot of fun for me when the birds flew around and I sat underneath the vine watching them. The people liked the grapes too -- Blackie

  5. Momma wented and 'dopted some of vir-ginger's littermates from the Green Wall shelter!!! She gotted one of each color. We'll write about it later on our blog.
    P.S. you're mum's vines is pretty!

  6. Vir-ginger is so pretty. We adopted her "cousin" Tinkerbell tonight from our local walgreens shelter. Come on by and pay her a visit when you have time.

  7. Mom said they used to have grape vines when they lived in a place called San Diego. Mom found 3 Vir-Ginger relatives in the local wall-green shelter but they were all damaged on their faces & one had a broken toe!

  8. OK, it's all well and good that your mum is feeding the birds so you have some entertainment. But have you ever suggested she should also plant a stinky goodness tree? After all, a cat can't be too careful, and what if your mum can't get to the store?

    It pays to be prepared...


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