Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Cat-ching up

Well a few points from the last few days

First, Edselsmom's surgery wented very well. YAY. So lots of continuing kittie vibes for for a complete and speedy recovery. Drop by and leave a message.

The Poiland Gang wants a Vir-ginger type kittie. Mum says she will go and check around to see if she can find one. The close Green Walls Shelter is out, but mum says they have lots of shelters in the area. So stay tuned.

The gang at Feline Oligarchy had a question on the plants pictured in the last post. Yes, they are both what mum terms Christmas cacti. But they are different colors. The one you are asking about is the one on the right. Sort of a coppery color. Mum used to have a white one too. But the squirrels gotted it last summer and killed it. So Vir-ginger has to guard these to keep those little furry guys away.
Guess that is it. I have been backing off now on my Catolympic training. I did a bit of jumping and running today, but not much. Mum says I need to ease into the weekend. Keep doing my stretches, eat well and be rested.


  1. The Mom wants a Vir-ginger too but I won't let her get one. We've got enough Brats as it is.

    The plants your mom has are really nice, but are they good chewing material? I prefer long stringy ones that make for easy chewing.

  2. Keep up with your stretches and yoga, Derby. I'm sure you will be in tiptop shape for the Catolympics. Beanmom says thanks for all the good kitty wishes.

  3. I have practiced so hard Momma says it is time to step away and relax. Max will be here day after tomorrow with the torch!!!

    Patches Lady

  4. I bet you are going to take home more than one metal Derby!


  5. What are you inspectin' there, Derby? They look like sun impatiens to us.

  6. Thanks for checking Derby - those are both really pretty cacti. The purple one is just like the one our human has had for over 20 years which finally bloomed for the first time last Christmas. The coppery one is really a nice color! (BTW: we think our human stopped at one of those Green Walls Shelters last night, but she hasn't brought anything into the house yet )--Alberta, Sky, Blackie and Charlie

  7. Good idea Derby. you don't wanna pull a hamstring. Ham? MMMMMMM.

  8. Hi Derby,
    Thanks for visiting me the other day-- to answer your question (had to ask my mum), yes she is a musical theatre fan and loves Michael Crawford, too! She and my dad gotted married last September and their dance was "All I Ask of You" from MC's album.


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