Monday, June 5, 2006


Recently one of Vir-ginger's litter mates, Charcoalie, got adopted by Bonnie & Victor and they are fostering a few more. Bonnie and Victor have already sent two kitties to live with The Calico Girls. Crew's View has one as well.

Vir-ginger was happy to see that some of our Whiskconsin furends were fostering so Vir-ginger came to me for a chat.

So after we chatted a while, I wented to mum and asked if she would go check and see if the rested of her litter mates got adopted from the Wall Greens Shelter near us. And if they hadn't would she please bring them home to live with us? Or at least live with us for a short time until we could see they gotted good homes? I know some of our blogging buddies might be interested in having one.

Mum said she would go and look, but thought that it might be hard to find out where all of them got adopted out to or even if they had been adopted. But she would try.

Good news, almost every one had been adopted, and mum broughted home the last few. From left to right.

Mandarin (Mandy)
Storm Cloud
Woohoo, we gots a big party kitty group now for Vir-ginger to play with outside, at least until we finds them homes.

Mum says at this point we are reserving Mandy for Fat Eric. Mango is my gift to my dear Princess Mia. But that leaves four more kitties who need a home.


  1. Oh Derbs

    Could I adopt Ashes?

    He looks just like my brofur Mr. Jinx.


  2. Those are so cute! I will adopt one if no one else steps up. After all, if they need a good home, I'm here!

  3. We would like to adopt Inky, please!

  4. Oh Derby! I'm thrilled that you are saving Mango for me! You are so sweet! Thank you so much!

    special purrrrs to you!

  5. Mom is mad cause the green walls she went to doesn't have any of the kitties.

  6. wonderful of you and your Mum to start a shelter for these kitties, even if only temporarily until they go to their forever homes. It's sure to keep you very busy!

  7. Zeus - you have first choice, so if you wants one. Let me know.

    Mia and Ghost - Mum would be happy to set you up with one.

    PMB - Mum thought of Mango for you because your mum comes from Singapurr.

    All - send me an e-mail to with your address. Now mum will have to get busy and find make proper shipping arrangements.

  8. This is just so amazing! How great of your Mum to do that!

    Momma is letting Sunny and Cloudy out to sit on the flower bed and watch for bugs.....gotta go help....

    Patches Lady

  9. Hi Derby
    My mum is touched that you would like to send us Mandy. However, she is worried about how much it would cost to send Mandy to the UK as she does not want you to pay a fortune in postage. So if someone in the USA like Zeus wanted to rehome Mandy instead, and it was easier for you, we would understand.

  10. We is going to the local shelter to see if they has any to adopt. We will let you know.

  11. my mom is gonna go to the shelter tommorrow to look for any to adopt. She says her BF needs a cat in his home

  12. Derby and furiends, my mom can check our shelter again, too. There weren't any black ones left, but there were still gingers and greys. I wonder if the beans in charge there are wonderin about all these kitties?

  13. OOO My mommy got some One of each color for her BF. Now we have to name them.

  14. Derby, My Mom says it don't cost a fortune to send a kitty to the UK. She said she'll help figger out the postage stuff if you wants. Or Mandy could come here for a visit and my Mom will ship her over to Fat Eric.

  15. Derby,
    I am emailing you about Storm Cloud. She looks just like the-cat-who-came-before. I know because Mom has pictures on her bulletin board. It took me a while not to be jealous, cause sometimes she gets tearful - but I learned that Mom just loves that way. She's a bean, that's why.
    ~ turtle


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