Thursday, June 15, 2006

Good Bye and Good Voyage

Mum gotted all of the little kitties ready and tooked them to the station tonight. She boughted their tickets, wished them well and kissed them good bye. They are all now on their way to their new homes.
Here I am checking out the travel boxes for them. As you can see it says "handle with care" some furry precious guys are inside.
Kittie kisses to the little guys from me, Vir-ginger and mum.

Good Bye and Good Voyage!

Bueno adiós y viaje bueno - Spanish
Bon au revoir et le bon voyage - French
Gut tschüs und gute Reise - German
Buono ciao ed il viaggio buono - Italian
Goed tot ziens en goede reis - Dutch
Bom tchau e viagem boa - Portuguese
Хороший bye и хороший рейс - Russian
God bye og god sjøreise - Norwegian
好再见和好的航行 - Simplified Chinese
好的再見和好的航行 - Traditional Chinese

Plus very good news that Edselsmom is home and recoverying after surgery. Continuing good kittie vibes for a speedy recovery.

Lastly, the torch for the Catolympics has made it to the Big Piney Woods. Tomorrow night is the opening ceremony. Can't wait.


  1. Derby

    We especially like the Norweigan farewell. We are part Danish, or at least Momma is. Looking forward to fostering Ashes...all the poodins are anxious awaiting the new arrival!

    *ABBY & the gang

  2. Thank you Derby and beanmom! I'll be waiting for Mango to come home!

  3. Wow! They're all ready to go! That's so neat. I'm glad they all got dopted!

  4. It is getting so busy here at the catolympic site! The stands are filling up and the cheering and excitement is unbelievable. Momma is calling, she wants help passing out packets and registering competitiors.

    Patches Lady

  5. Mandy is emigrating! I hope we can get her British citizenship OK.


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