Sunday, June 25, 2006

Outside Stuff

Mum gotted a picture of the baby birdies getting fed by their mum. They sure do make lots of noise for such little things.

You can be inside and have the windows shut and still hear them getting excited when they get fed.

Then mum gotted a picture of one of the little chipmunks saying hello to Vir-ginger.

Then the last thing that was outside was ME! Mum got this thingy that she put me in(I thinks it was meant for woofies), then took the whole thing outside for a while. She sat and readed her book, Vir-ginger and I chatted, watched the birdies at the feeder. I was maybe 6 feet from the feeder. I gotted a good laugh when a pigeon landed on the ground, took one look at me and took off again. I don't think he expected to see a kittie sitting there. I was thinking, yum. That pigeon would be a good size snack.
Plus, things were purrty normal, and suddenly all of the birdies just scattered. Mum wented to look and we had a sharp-shinned hawk sitting on top of the electric pole just outside of our yard. Since the little birdies were safe he didn't stay long. And since I was inside my enclosure, he couldn't see me. So I was safe.

Not sure if I like this thing. I do like being outside and I do have room to move around. I think mum likes it as I can't get away and I keep clean.

About the mousie in the house the other night. It was over an hour from when I firsted started with pouncing/playing with it, to when mum killed it. She wanted to go to bed and wasn't going to bed knowing we had a live mousie running around.


  1. Wow, Derby, you had a great day with lots of adventures. I'm glad you got to go outside and hang out with Vir-ginger. I can't wait to see what other adventures you'll have. Beanmom says thanks for the purrs.

  2. You gotted to be that close to the birdies. That's awesome. Gotta be careful of the hawk though. They have way bigger and stronger claws than us.

  3. Wow, Derby, what a nice little housey thing!

    Patches Lady

  4. Gosh, Derby, you have your own screened-in porch. We want one!!!

  5. We's glad you were safe from the hawk. That's a neato way to get close to the feeder too!

    ~~ Sanjee

  6. Derby, that IS like a screened in porch - I want one, too! Outside is scary, but I might be coaxed to sit out a bit in one of those. Except when those cicadas get going. Those things are loud like little machines! Mom says no-home kitties have to eat those instead of shrimps and stinky goodness. Blech!
    ~ moose

  7. It sounds like you had a very fun and interesting time outside! Those birds have built a very big nest by the looks of it. None of us here had ever seen something like that.

  8. Your own screened in porch! OOhh, now that sounds really neat. No harness, no leash, just plenty of room for nappies and watching birdies and being safe from big huge birds! Wow! You are really lucky!!!!

  9. You have lots of outside stuff going on, Derby. And whatever that is that you're sitting in is too cool for words! I think I'd like one only it gets so hot here Mom doesn't sit outside much.

    Wait...if I had one, maybe I could trick my sisters to get into it!

  10. Wow we really like your portable screen porch Derby! You Mom finds way cool things!



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