Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Answer Cat

Lots more questions again lately, so here it goes!

Yes Max, I do nap with the teddy bear. Mum has lots of teddy bears but this is the only one I sleep with. It is on mum's bed so she sleeps with it too. So at night sometimes, she is in the the bed, I jump up next to her, snuggle with the bear, make biscuits and PURRRRRRR.

Mr. Hendrix thought the bear was trying to smother me. No bear and I get along just fine.

was talking about a more natural diet. Mum is thinking that way too. But being an inside cat I can't get at fevvers and stuff. Plus, I am claw-less, so not sure how much stuff I would be able to catch. I might starve! Plus Skittles has a new admirer, SlyCat.

asked if I found sheet mice when I was the bed lump under the sheet. I don't know what a sheet mouse is! Parker, can you tell me what you are talking about?

About the hanging toy, did I get it? NO. After mum took a few pictures, she moved the box so I couldn't get up that high. Sheesh, she is no fun sometimes.

One-eyed Jack
asked about my glitter balls and if they are like tinsel. Well, the glitter is so much finer than tinsel. But my glitter balls have stayed together. So don't know if other kitties have had similar experience of them "shedding".

The new layout on the header, mum worked furry hard to get it just right. But that is with the home 'puter. She got a new 'puter at work and she can see 6 and 1/4 of me on the header. Anyway I look good!

Digestive update

Mum says my digestive output has look very nice for nearly a week now. The one thing she thinks I might have been doing? Getting into one of her plants. When I jumped into the big pot with the snake plant she moved that outside. But she had an aloe vera on top of a very tall stool. You guessed it. One morning she caught me jumping into the plant. Mum immediately picked me out of the plant and moved the plant into the little bathroom and shut the door. Then after that I started getting better. I will never tell if I was chomping on that plant!

She is furry happy and says I am acting like my old normal, sassy self. She likes that.

Note from mum: For Derby to jump into the aloe vera, it is a four foot jump from floor to the top of the flower pot. There is no room for him to land on the stool so he has to get into the plant itself. And if he missed, the whole thing would probably have tipped over. Even if he stretched out on his back legs he couldn't get at the plant at all. He hasn't messed with this plant, or any of the others, in the nearly two years he has lived here.

I had given away other plants that I knew would not be good to have around the house. The aloe spends the nice weather outside, so now, it is confined to the garage and most likely will just get tossed. I figure once the plant had attracted Derby, he will be back at it if it comes into the house again.

I figure he wqs either be just getting a small amount of plant or plant fluids to upset his digestive system, but not enough to really get to the toxic level. Maybe enough on his paws which he probably licked off. I finally put one and one and one, together over the weekend. My brain must have relaxed enough to connect what happened.

So he is back to eating the rest of his normal stuff and doing just fine. Thank goodness, I was getting worried that this was going to be a chronic condition to manage. At just over three years old, he should have a long life ahead of him.

Thanks to all for your support and get well wishes.


  1. DERBY!!! Yoo can eat stuff like that! Yer lady luvs yoo so much and if yoo have belly problums she will be forced to take yoo to the V-E-T and that's not gud!!

    Sooo happy yer lady figured owt yer silly habit and decided to keep yoo ovur the plant thingy (but one luk at yoo and were not surprised)

    Pee-Ess, were going to post sumthing soon abowt a supur cul thing we got in the male frum the man in bloo! Yer wondurful, Derbster!

  2. derby, i'm so glad your mom pays close attention to what you're up to.

    i love the picture of you with the bear. it makes me feel warm and cozy. mmm...warm and cozy.

    i'm going to add you to my blogroll.


  3. Thanks, Answer Cat! I am glad the bear was not trying to smother you.

  4. Momma decided she couldn't have any 'real' plants with us around, especially Ping. He loves her silk plants. She would hate to see what he would do with live ones.


  5. Our momma grows most of her plants especially for us. She does have an herb garden but because she doesn't trust us, she leaves the on the outside table. Do we look like we would do anything bad?


  6. Momma laughed that you had to get rid of the aloe plant! Just cause she thought that would be safe--after all, ours are sort of spikty. She's surprised any cat would like it.

  7. Glad to hear all is back to normal back there! I guess we won't be getting that aloe plant the Lap Lady was thinking of getting.

    Our sparkle balls shed so now they've been banned which makes me sad.


  8. Derby, you have ALL the answers this time! Our mom's thumbs aren't green so we don't have many plants around the house. Just a couple of very old cacti and an african violet.

  9. Derby - great answers from the Answer Cat!!

    we is so glad that you is feeling back to your old sassy self!

    oh, and on our laptop, we see 6 1/4 Derby's too!

  10. Derby, I would say that the comic strip that we posted today is dedicated to you!!!

  11. glad to hear derby is back to being a sassy cat.

  12. You know, my Mom really liked the questions and answers. We're both so happy that your Mommy figured it out. There are so many things that affect us that sometimes it takes a while, even if it seems so silly when we do get it. Mommy has done that with me. Really happy you're feeling better cause I think you're really cool!

  13. Very very good answers to these incredibly nosey questions :-P

    I can see six and a half of you up there at the top... and if I stretch the window I can see endless Derbys

    It is cold here too... coldest spring ever. So much for global warming

  14. Sheet mice happen after the Mommy or Daddy stick their hands under the sheets and wake them up. When they wake up, you have to attack them!
    They are fun to attack - you gotta' try it!


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