Friday, April 27, 2007

Fang Shui Friday

To achieve the best absorption of ch'i, always sit on the lap of the lone human in a room, or between two humans.

If there are more than two humans in the room, sit in the southwest corner and stare at them. When they glance at you, absorb the ch'i.

From Fang Shui by Catfucious, Peter Pauper Press, 2002.

I'm not much of a lap kittie, but I was trying to move in on mum and she had her yarn in her lap while she was trying to cro-say some kittie snuggles. So I guess I was doing OK as far as my fang shui today.

Mum and me are glad it is Friday and the weekend promises to be nice and sunny again. So now with the weather getting nice, we may not be around as much on the weekends.

So you all take care.


  1. Derby! Fanks for stoppin' by my cousin Zoey's new bloggie!

    Mmm ... yarn! I LOVE yarn ... Mom? When're you gonna crochet again?


  2. Great info on ch'i. Thanks, I am going to go absorb some right now.


  3. Good tips on ch'i. I'm not much of a lap kitty either, so I took notes.

    I also took notes on the limerick writing, haven't tried it yet though!


  4. Have a warm, sunny, nap-filled weekend!

  5. We, too, are so glad the weekend is here! Happy Weekend!

  6. good tips - i always sit on mommy's lap and Sammy always sits above her head on the top of the couch.

  7. I always sit on laps, they are the best! I really love your tips.


  8. I only sit on the human woman. I hate it when she's gone because then to absorb some qi I have to sit on the human male.

    I don't usually sit between them. I think his qi is bad.

  9. I love Fridays and yarn and sunshine. You have the perfect life Derby! FAZ

  10. I always sit on Momma. I fink she has great ch'i!


  11. Oh yes, this weekend is going to be beautiful! Enjoy it, Derby.

    Happy Friday!


  12. Have fun this weekend, and thanks for the Fang Shui tip!

  13. Great Fang Shui.
    We are always learning something new.
    this was good.

    Have a delightful week-end

  14. Sometimes I wish Kellie wasn't so much of a lap cat, she can be a little obtrusive. So, I think Kellie is absorbing lots of ch'i : )

    Have a good weekend Derby and Mum.

  15. hehehe, lapcats. My sister Marilyn MonREOW is a major lapcat -- she loves layin' on Momma's lap. Dorydoo's a lapcat sometimes, too. Brainball is a lapcat with Daddy but not so much with Momma, but she loves to lay on Momma's feet, so I guess that makes her a footcat. And me? Well, I like layin' on laps when I'm not spazzin' out, but I like to spaz out a whole, whole lot.

    I hope you enjoy your purr-etty weekend!

  16. Just wanted to stop in and see how my favorite cat in America is doing. Opus and Roscoe say "Miao" or was it "ciao". They would have left a comment themselves, but they are sleeping in a pool of sun light.

    Hope you and your Mum have a wonderful weekend!


  17. glad you practice fang shui. it's important stuff.

    mama is absolutely certain that most cats are reiki masters!


  18. I love your tips on Fang Shui! I always look forward to them. Don't apologize for wanted to enjoy the warmth of Spring and Summer, I think it's great and we've all earned it! Just make sure that you still check in at least twice a week! Lol!
    Love, your friend Oscar the Puppy Cat!

  19. Are you going out fur walkies wif your Mom this weekend? Come back and tell us about your adventures!


  20. Hi Derby. We like your fang shui ideas and will put them to good use right away. It's a beautiful weekend here, too - lots of sunshine and bugs. This morning a spider ran across Mom's hand as it rested on the mouse. She flung him onto the carpet right in front of me - wow, Mom, good aim!! I like me some spider snacks.

    Thanks for checking up on us. Mom says she can't leave food out for us because I eat it all which is evidenced by the fact of her coming home and being immediately attacked by Turtle and Nala standing at the food pantry, which I meow my hello from wherever I am at the time. Plus she said something about Moose chub but I ignored her. It's all muscle - doesn't she know that??
    ~ moose

  21. Those are all good ideas.
    I find I get the most ch'i when I sit on my mombeans lap. I can sit there for hours and hours. I wish I could make the mombean sit for as long as I'd like but she can't sit still for long.

  22. We'z fang Shwaying here! Tell yoor mom to come see about da post card blitz we'z working on. Sen. Russ Feingold has alreddy emailed mom and told her dat dey is working on sumfing, but we think dat dey shood all get on da band wagon. Um, we don't know what getting in a wagon wif a band haz to do wif it but if it helps, okay.

  23. Thanks fur the latest update on the best fang shway way. We'll take all the good chi we can get.


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