Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spring is Returning

The weather is back to where it should be. The sun is out, the weather is warmer and the windows are back open. Mum spent part of yesterday tuning up the grill, it needed a new gas thingy as the old one had rusted and had a big hole in it. So it was using way more gas and not cooking evenly. She also brought in the thing that the food sits on to clean it. I managed to get a bit too close and got some of the icky stuff on me! See that dark smudge on my nice white fur. That meant a along and serious cleaning session with my tongue, but I think I got it all off now.

But mum decided the easiest way to get the grill grate clean was to put it inside the hot as hell box and turn on the cleaning cycle. So today she was taking everything out and wiping it out. I decided I had to snoopervise that she got everything wiped out properly.

I approve, it is OK for you to use the hot as hell box again. P.S. Mum was not happy that I jumped in here and after the photo session, I was promptly picked up and dumped out!

While mum was working outside, she needed to sweep off the patio area. Get rid of some of the grill crud that she knocked off of the thing, plus some of the seeds and stuff falling off the trees and birdie feeders. But when she moved something to sweep she found a surprise! Mum thinks it is a leg from a bunny! Most likely that Mr Hawk was around and caught him. Then either the hawk or some other wild animal dragged the leg near the house. This is right by the big windows that go to the floor, but I don't remember seeing anything. So this must have happened while I napped. Mum didn't want to touch it, but also didn't want to have it sit up by the house. So she used one of her tools that she was using on the trill to pick it up and move it. And lots of our flowers are coming back, even with the snow and cold weather. The poppies, daylillies, peonies and lots of other stuff are starting to peak through the ground and get green. Soon we will have lots of flowers.

I know some of our blogging buddies are getting nasty weather, storms, rain and snow. Hope that you all are safe and dry.


  1. Derby, you're a brave cat to explore the hot box like that.

  2. I'm relieved to see spring is back. Bonnie Underfoot and Victor Tabbycat had it looking quite frightening.

  3. Aaahhhhhhhhhhh! Bunny leg!!!!! I am scairt. But it is also very interesting. Let me look at that again....

    Derby, I see the little smudge on your white chest furs. I am glad you got it all cleaned up.

  4. How exciting to be tuning up the grill! Means spring is really here!

    You be careful in the hot as h&%l box, you don't want to be stuck in it when it gets turned on!

    Love the green plants!

  5. What a busy and exhausting day. And the bunny leg, can I sniff that please?

  6. ewwwww, a bunny leg. poor bunny. i hope it didnt suffer. mommees says she woodnts want to find that.

    yuki & kimiko

  7. Hi, Derby! I'm glad you've got nice weather where you're at. Where me and the Ballicai are at, it's cold and snowy -- it's been snowin' like crazy and we've been a-lookin' out the window just sayin', huh? Whatta lotta white stuff. But we're all warm and dry.

    And bunny leg -- wowie. That's a fascinating find, for sure!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  8. Maw wishes her hot as hell box was as clean as yours!!! So nice and sparkly. And we hope your furs are back to being sparkly after you got the black smudge on you.

    Poor bunny.

    Luf, Us

  9. Yes, we are ready for permanant Spring! No more cold fronts, please!

  10. things are looking up here... a very drab and dreary day, but we cranked the heat up to a bajillion degrees and snuggled in our beds. I got fed three times today... mommie never remembers and if I beg more she gives me another snack, I think she forgets.

    I am glad you shared your day with us. Your hot box looks much better than ours.

    be well,

  11. You're a very good snoopervisor, Derby, and that's very important. We're sorry you had to see that bunny part--I never like seeing things like that.

  12. Please send us your sunny, spring weather!

    Bunny leg! That reminds me when I was a great hunter. I would take my kills behind the air conditioner unit and eat them there. I would usually leave a tail or some other inedible body part. (Sorry, I know that doesn't sound very ladylike, but I truly was fierce. Mom is glad that I'm retired now.)


  13. your pictures show you to be such an adventurous guy! (you know to stay out of the hot as hell box when it' as hell...right?)



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