Friday, April 13, 2007

Fang Shui Friday

To creat good ch'i, a living wild creature should be brought inside the house to be played with.

If it dies during play, walk away from it. Dead things have negative engery - except when given as gifts to your owner.

From Fang Shui by Catfucious, Peter Pauper Press, 2002.

See the mousey? I am checking it out after mum smacked it with her shoe last summer. I didn't bring it in the house, it came in all by itself. He didn't figure on meeting up with me or Mum.
Here mum moved it over so the grey mousey is on a lighter covered paper thing so you could see it better.
But I found a mousie the other day and left it on the floor by her 'puter bag. I wanted to make sure she didn't miss it. She found it just fine, then she moved it outside again. You can click on the pictures to biggify them.


  1. I hope your mum appreciated it that you gave her that mousie. Not all humans understand that we cats share food with those we care about.

  2. Dead things have negative energy? Whoa...Then make we should stop killing bugs.

  3. I always make sure that if I kill anything I give it as a present to Mommy or Daddy, so I'm safe! Whew!

  4. Good idea to leave it. I once ate the wrong end of a mouse and it tasted so bad I haven't eaten another since.


  5. Derby, what a mighty hunter! And I'm sure your hunting skills exceed those of our current VP. I'm so proud to have you!

  6. It's so thotful of you to leave the mousie by your Mom's puter bag. Did she replace her old puter mousie wif your mousie? What, Mom? Oh? Oh. Oh! Oops... wrong kinda mousie!


  7. Great hunting Derby!! Gotta keep those skills current.
    And we think your mom should have let you get the other mouse instead of whacking it with her shoe. But maybe she is part cat. He was a plump fellow.

  8. Ooooh, I have never seen a real live... I mean dead... mouse before. His legs are skinny. I think I would rather play with a lizard.

  9. You should have eaten it. I love to eat luscious little mic, especially the head (it's super crunchy). I am not very keen on the tail, the feet and the kidnies. I tend to leave those bits behind for the humans to find. Purr FAZ

  10. Derby, if you need any mousing help I can be there in a second, but it looks like you've got everything under control! We haven't had any mousies in our house since Dad found the hole in the basement where they were coming in. Darn, he took away all my fun!

    Maybe your Mum needs to look for a hole. I think you could help with that too.

    Maxwell Smartkitty

  11. Oh Derby, you have such self control to leave the mouse alone! Even though my Kellie is an inside cat she has managed to bring me 4 bats off the screened in deck. She cries and squirms something awful when I take them away from her. She has never actually attempted to eat them, she just likes to have them around to play with : )

  12. We luf your Friday Feng Shui quotes Derby!

    Awesome mousing skills, and especially leaving it by your mum's pooter bag. Way to go!

    Luf, Us

  13. I've never played with a real mousie before, Derby. We had one in our house a few months ago and Pumpy just watched it but we never did catch it or anything.

  14. Did you know that mices look like moleses? We don't have mice around here, to many cats. But we have moles and I LOVE to catch them and bring them in alive. After Mommy or Daddy sees my catch, then I play with them until I get bored. Then I kill them. I only eat birdies.

  15. "luv to eet dem mowsie'z ...
    mowsie'z dat i luv to eet ...
    luv to bite dey hed'z off ...
    nibbel on dey tiny feet."

  16. My real name is Jinx, but at home my they call me Dinkerdoo. I use both names all the time, but Dinkerdoo is usally my user name to sites. If your not sure just call me Jinkerdoo thats both! lol



  17. Mistrie brings miceies to Momma and leaves them by the door. Then she crunches on them.


  18. It was very nice of you to give your mouse to your Mom. I'm sure she appreciated it lots.


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