Monday, April 2, 2007

ManCat Monday

Mum and I spent a quiet weekend. She did the normal weekend stuff of shopping, cleaning, laundry and such. I was napping so nice and she tried to make me into a bed lump again. I was just snuggling so nice with mr bear when mum came up with the clean sheets.
But I escaped being a bed lump this week. I went under the bed and played with my red glitter balls.
Later in the evening I got on top of a box that mum hadn't taken out to the garage. So from on the top of box, on top of the bench, I tried to get at the thing mum has hanging. The stuff that hangs down at the bottom looks like it would be fun to play with.
And mum has been studying all of the stuff in my food. It has corn gluten, but no wheat gluten. She has been comparing various brands, just in case we have to make a switch. But so far we are happy with what we use. But mum checked the treats too, and some of them say 'wheat flour' but not 'wheat gluten'. Guess we can't be too careful right now.

After a slow start, Derby's DreamCats is taking off. We now have about 20 members. And I added new category. Bombay requested that Tiffy be a DreamGirl, but she went to the bridge last summer. So I thought about it and added a category called, 'Rainbow Dreamers'. If you don't remember Tiffy's story, go to the DreamCat blog for a link. It will make you get all leaky eyed.


  1. Derby, you look huge reaching for that hanging toy. Did you get it, or did your mom foil your efforts at the last minute.

    That food stuff is very distressing. We'll just leave the responsibility to our mom to get us delicious safe foods. We're glad that you seem to be feeling better now.

    Our mom liked your spring flower pictures. Winter isn't too long even in Wisconsin.

    Happy April Fools!


  2. Sounds like you had a really nice weekend! I love that picture of you trying to reach the hanging thing!

  3. Derby, looks like you had a great weekend! I loved the picture of you with the bear!

    I posted on the food recall today too. Mom's been really scrutinizing the food, and helped me post some pretty good information. She read corn gluten isn't that great either. But right now I agree its better than wheat gluten! Seems like everything I like has wheat gluten in it!


  4. Hi Derby...

    We love the picture of you sleeping with your teddy bear.

    It looks like you had a great weekend... naps... play... boxes...

  5. Derby

    You looked so sweet snuggled up to Mr. Bear. Boo claimed Momma's pillows yesterday when she went to make the bed, she didn't disturb Boo. She looked as sweet as you.


  6. I hope you got that thing hanging down! It was just asking to be played with!

  7. Catgratulations on the growing membership of the DreamCats! And fank you, fank you, fank you fur honoring little Tiffy.


  8. Sounds like you've been very busy.I love the photo of you and your bear adorable.

  9. did you get that fing down? we is glad to hear that your blood werk was normal. we hopes that you start feeling better in the tummy soon!

  10. Derby, I had no idea how tallyou were! Look at you!

    We're glad to hear that your blood work was normal. I hope you are feeling better.

  11. Derby, that Mr. Bear looks great for snuggling with. I am glad your blood work came back good, and Tootsie Rolls are good for you to make!

  12. A wonderful week-end with mum.
    I love the photo highlights here, especially the one with you and your bear... and certainly that very athletic one of you reaching ever so high for that ever so tempting hanging stuff. You almost had it. Next time you might consider a brave push with the hindlegs, just be prepared for an emergency landing!!

    No need to apologise for your health concerns... it is good to share. Sometimes we all get a little something and others can offer support and maybe some tips.

    Be well Derby!


  13. Nice climbin, Derby! I was a bed lump yesterday an it made Mom laff an laff. She said I was "burrowing" unner the sheet, an then I got atween the sheets an blanket. It was furry fun!
    Derbs, all wheat flour has gluten, but the wheat gluten that's trouble has already been extracted from the wheat. Wellness has NO grains in their foods an we like it.

  14. Derbs, I'm glad that your tum-tum is doing better.

    I just adore the photo of you snuggling with your bear. That is just too cute.

  15. That looked so nice and snuggly. Why would she want to disturb your nap? It's not like the bed was gonna go anywhere if she didn't make it right now!

    I gotta ask about the sparkly ball. I got one in my stocking at Christmas, but after a couple days of it being kicked by Persephone and me, my OTW took it away again, 'cause she noticed some of the sparkly bits were starting to come out all loose and she was afraid we would swallow it, 'cause she said it was the same thing as tinsel. Did we just get a cheap sparkly ball? Is there sparkly balls where the tinsel doesn't come out? 'Cause I liked it, but my OTW doesn't want me swallowing tinsel.

    We're all glad you're feeling a bit better.

  16. Derby,
    We love the pix of you snuggling with your teddy bear. It looks just the right size for you to cuddle wif!
    Mr. Chen & Ollie

  17. Wow, you are really long, and agile too, Derby!

    Momma is worried about this pet food scare too.

    Our Daddy put boards all around the bottom of the bed so we can't get under there, cuz Patches was ripping the mattress apart by bunny kicking it in the middle of the night.


  18. wow, that is a great man cat stretch. and a great potential toy! mommy has inspected my food too, but still we worry because no one seems to know for sure what is going on. so much for homeland security for pets.

  19. So good to hear that you are getting along better. It's nice to have a quiet weekend now and then. Sometimes Mom uses that noisy black monster on Sunday but not all the time. Mom is doing her laundry right now and that's when I get to post and visit a lot. Mom laughed when she saw the picture of you on the box all stretched out trying to get the pretty thing on the wall. She wanted to know if your Mom took the box away after seeing you there. Mom loved the beautiful flowers. Hers is starting to bloom too and she goes out and tells them how pretty they are. Don't know about these humans.

  20. Hi Derby,
    Thanks for stopping by. I love being a bed lump. We call that game parachute. I like to run under the covers when Mom and Dad put each of them on.

  21. Your weekend sounded relaxing. And it's nice that you were ready for the sheets!


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