Wednesday, April 25, 2007


This is for Karen Jo to cheer herself up. Poor thing had to have surgery on her foot.

There once was a man from Nantucket
Who carried his b....

Excuse me, mum is interuppting me here. Says I need to make up my own for Karen Jo after her footie surgery. Hmmm, I have never written a limerick before. Better figure out how to do this. I can haiku, so let's search on what to do for this.

The site gives the following steps for writing a limerick.

1. Prepare to write five lines of verse. If you're stumped, try starting off your limerick with the traditional 'There once was a ...'

2. Create the following stress pattern in lines one, two and five: da-DA da-da-DA da-da-DA da. For example, "There ONCE was a FEL-low named JER-ry...." You can omit the last unstressed syllable if you prefer.

3. Create the following stress pattern in lines three and four: da-DA da-da-DA da. For example, "Per-PLEXED our dear PO-et." As before, you have the option of omitting the last syllable.

4. Make sure your limerick's rhyme scheme is a-a-b-b-a. In other words, the first, second and fifth lines all rhyme with one another; the third and fourth lines rhyme with each other.

5. Exploit puns and wordplay.

How hurtie are Karen's toes?
Only she will ever knows.
The doc to fix,
Lickity split
Healing purrs we send as a rose.


  1. Great limerick, Derby! And thanks for tellin' us how to write one, we're gonna try!

  2. that's a very good limerick! We've been thinking all day for one and are stumped still.

  3. That's a good limerick, Derbs!

  4. Hahaha! Excellent! And thanks for the great tutorial.

  5. Fantastic Derby!

    Oh we has tagged you!


  6. What a poet you are! I'm practising how to write limericks about my brofur. He says I'm lousy. I fink he just doesn't agree wif what it says about him.


  7. Derby I stopped by today to check out your blog. I hope you don't mind that I am not a cat. I do however, like cats a lot and maybe it will be all right that I write to you.
    I am so glad that you stopped by my blog for a visit. I am Opus & Roscoe's Grandma, they moved away and now live in Italy. I noticed your favorite book and movie choices you have a lot of interest. Our boy's (that what I call the grandcats) favotire book I believe is Cat In The Hat, have you ever read that one? I also believe that their favorite movie is Cats. If you haven't seen it I recommend it for your viewing.
    I thought your limerick was cute and wondered how long it took you to put it to paper? What a clever cat you are. Come visit my blog again.

  8. Very good Limerick Derby I'm sure Karen will love it.

  9. Derby! You're a poet!! I didn't know it.

    Yesterday the woman wrote a poem to the household about cleaning up after themselves. It was well received but nobody's cleaned up after themselves yet. Oh well... time spent writing poetry isn't time wasted.

  10. that's a great limerick! Limericks is HARD to write.

  11. Derby, you are such a talented cat, or should I now refer to you as a Poetcat?

  12. Wow, this is super great!
    Well done!!
    We are purring for Karen Jo

  13. are a talented poose. Would you like to come to our Cinco de Mayo party next weekend and recite poetry?

    Tuna tacos and margaritas......
    zevo calamari

  14. dat iz a grate limerick, derb.
    i hope kj iz happee to see how much we enjoy her rhymez!
    luv--yer frend--jh

  15. Furry good! I'm gonna get Rascal ta write a limmericky fur Karen Jo.

  16. Nice work Derby! I really enjoyed that Limerick!

  17. I am very impressed with your writing skills! I will give it a shot but hold no promises. Karen Jo limericks is a great idea!

  18. Thank you for the limerick, Derby. I really enjoyed it. I got a little nervous when I read the limerick rules. I'm sure I don't always follow that form in the number of stressed syllables. Oh, well. My toes are feeling much better now.


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