Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Answer Cat

Time to answer the questions that come through the comments.

Jake and Bathsheba commented that they don't get bowl fulls of kibble. Neither do I! Mum didn't put in the picture where she measures out the food. If I don't eat it all, what is left goes back in the measuring cup, then it gets topped off. In total I get one cup of kibble a day, half cup at a time, and a few treats. So since I had my head in the bowl eating up the last of what was there, mum just added a little more.
Daisy commented that I have a big food bowl. Yes I do, but that doesn't mean it gets filled up to the top. Mum did this as I have a tendency to eat fast, then then stuff comes back up. So mum got a wide bowl so the food spreads out and I can't get big mouthfuls. Mum says that as an extreme for kitties like me who eat too fast, you spread the kibble out on a cookie sheet, one kibble deep.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout want to know what I eat to have such a glossy coat. It is a mix of Purina Cat Chow - Indoor Cat Formula and Purina Natural Cat Chow.

Lux commented that he comes whenever anyone is in the cooking room. I try to hang out nearby, and if I think that there is something I should be getting, I move in. I flop down on the floor right by mum's feets. Just in case she drops something or maybe I can make her drop something.

Eric and Flynn wanted to know if I got the birdie who was dead in our yard. No, mum wouldn't let me have it. Just in case it died 'cuz it was sick, don't want me to get sick from the birdie.

Check Skeezix's blog for the 4th of July Party details. A party to cellybrate purrthdays and gotcha days for July kitties.


  1. MomBean has to keep my food up on the stairwell or BabyBean thinks it's a buffet...

  2. Fanks for answering the question that everycat has been asking. We haff to measure Lucy's food too because she is very very not skinny and on a diet. She is not happy about the diet.

  3. that was a lot of good informashun about you Derby! it's always great to learn more about our furriends

  4. We had a dead birdie the ufer day, Momma buried it in her berd semetery (that is like a pet semetery for dead fly aways.) It hitted the window.


  5. Wow, I can't believe how many important questions people were asking. Thanks for the update Derby!

  6. Your mum feeds you like we are fed, half cup each in the morning and evening. And of course treats!

    Purrrrs, China Cat

  7. Hey! I only get 1/4 cup twice a day! Oh yeah, I get my prescription stinky goodness too. I forgot about that.

    Thanks for answering our questions, it was very interesting!

  8. Mom feeds us bout that much, but doesn't measure too closely. Maybe BONNIE should haf a bigger bowl to slow her down. I eat faster, but she's the one who eats fast enuf to get sick.
    Purrs! See you at the party, naybor!

  9. I get basically what you do Derby. Half a cup in the morning, 1/4 cup in the evening and then in the evening I also get 1tbsp. of stinky goodness. I never eat all the kibble though - so Mum does like you and re-measures it. I also get 6 tem-tay-shuns before bed time. Mum's hoping I lose some weight by my next VET check up!

  10. We all get a cup a day as well and a quarter cup of SG each. Oh, and treats!
    We eat the same combo of food that you do, The vet switched us off of Science Diet a few months ago - we love the Purina and Mommy likes it 'cause she can buy it at the grocery store.

  11. You are the answer man today Derby! Thanks!
    Scooby is the barfer here and mom is putting his kibble on a plate to slow him down.
    Thanks again for the great gifts!!!!
    We especially like the wand toy and scout loves the feather butt mice!!!

  12. Very interesting responses to our collective nosiness, Derby! :)

  13. Ya gets rationed?!?!? Uh oh, if Mom sees this Rascal will get rationed too cu'z he's jumbo size.

    My mom lets me sniff anyfing I want when she's in the food room. Trubble is, peoples eat stuff that ya can't eat -- like begetables!

  14. that cookie sheet thing for kibbles is a good idea, our mom thinks. Jesse is of the habit to swallow it whole and yak it back up. always on the carpet, never on the linoleum, right mom? we might try that,

    Thanks Derby!

  15. And we get portions more like Daisy! :(



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