Friday, July 27, 2007

Fang Shui Friday

The enlightened male cat knows the best way to entice a female into his embrace is to sing. Songs yodeled under the full moon are especially favorable for romance.

From Fang Shui by Catfucious, Peter Pauper Press, 2002.

We are almost to a full moon, I better start warming up to sing a song for my sweet Princess Mia!
I can practice by singing to my stuffed Tuxie. I have to think of some nice songs to sing to her. I can always sing her Tuxie Cat of Texas. My song I made up for her last year!

Friday will be a nice day. Mum is taking a day of vacation and going to veg out for the day! Woohoo, so lots of mum time and snuggling on the couch.

Flower Friday

What to pick? We have so many flowers blooming right now. Why not some of the daylilies, mum has several different kinds.

Mum does not remember the names of each of the types of the lillies, she would have to go and look that up and she doesn't want to do that right now.

These plants put out lots of flowers and keep blooming for weeks. They are furry hardy and spread out to fill in the garden. So lots of color and greenery.

We had a wonderful turn out for our monthly prayer circle/vigil. It was fun and easy to host. So if you can spare an evening sometime, consider volunteering. Lots of kitties showed up and we purred hard for all of our furiends four and two footed who need some extra help if they are sick, ailing, needing some extra care or to find a new home. Always thinking of our beans who are sick, or safely home from places of danger.

OK, time to go and snuggle with mum. Happy weekend!


  1. Those lillies are great.
    And I would like to hear your Tuxie Cat of Texas~!!!

  2. We've got some of the orange ones but the other ones are so beautiful I think we need more. FAZ

  3. Gorgeous flowers. Have a wonderful weekend, Derby ...

  4. Maw has flower envy of your mum. Our Maw says your mum has a green thumb. We don't know what that is. Especially since we don't even have thumbs. Oh well.

    That's cool that your mum is taking a vacation day to spoil you rotten.

    Luf, Us

  5. Derby you was a great purrayer vigil host!

    our grammie has those red daylillies - and she keeps forgetting not to brush up against them when they is wet - the stain clothes!!
    mommy has lots of daylillies too - lellow, orange and cream colored.

  6. Princess Mia is so lucky!

    Lovely fowlers. Momma didn't get her's posted cuz she had more to tell about Hunter.


  7. The very top daylily is the prettiest color I have ever seen! It's beautiful.

  8. The daylilys are furry pretty and we hadded some at our old house. It has not rained here in a long time so most of our garden is dying, even our eating grass in the back yard.

  9. Your mom always has such pretty flowers Derby!
    Thank you for hosting the circle last night.

  10. wow! pretty color flowers!!

    happy week-end
    purrrrs, prinnie

  11. I am jealous. You get your mom all to yourself all day. Wow, very exciting.

  12. Derby, I am so glad you get to hang out with your Mum for the whole day - isn't that the greatest! Your Mums flowers are very pretty, sigh, I will have to post a picture of my catnip plant that my Mum has already killed. She has a very brown thumb!

  13. tell your Mum she grows real purty flowers

  14. Great picture of you, Derby. We're glad the weekend is here, too. Have fun!

  15. Oh, that is SO cute that you sing to your stuffed tuxie!

  16. Derbs,

    I love your rendition of Tuxie Cat in Texas. You can sing it to me anytime!



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