Monday, July 9, 2007

Rockin' Boy Blogger Nominee's & Secret Paw

Here are my nominee's for Rockin' Boy Blogger. Hmmm, shouldn't this be Rocking' ManCat Blogger?

Victor TabbyCat - my fellow Wiskerconsin blogging buddy.

Connor Cloud - An Iowa cat from my mum's hometown who looks like my twin too!

Beau-Beau - he lives in Connect-a-dott and his bean dad is a Green Bay Packer fan

George & Max of The Crew - my nearby Whiskerconsin neighbor cats (next suburb south) who blog. Max and I were at the same shelter, but not at the same time.

Concatulations to all of you!
Plus when mum brought in the stuff from the black box on the front of the house, she brought in a little box for me. Yay, my Secret Paw stuff arrived from Dobby.
Me checking out the package, mum I don't think I can chew through the box, please get your cutting things out and open it.
It might be a little box but it was holding some real big prizes fir me. Two types of treats and two types of toys.
The box itself isn't bad either, just the right size for me to rub my chin on, plus a little tape to chew on too.
Mum pulled out one of the Bobble toys, that roll around. Mum put it on the little table but I knocked it down on the floor an attacked it!


  1. Derby, thanks for nominating me for Rockin' Boy Blogger! COOL!

    You got some pawsome gifts from Dobby! WOW!

  2. Derby, those bobbly toys is lots of fun!

  3. And you got TEMPTATIONS!! Woohoo!

  4. Cool! And thanks for the nomination.

  5. Derby, your Secret Paw package looks like it contained lots of great stuff! Mmmmm...Tem-tay-shuns are soooo good!

  6. Tem-tay-shuns! Yum! Hmmm, dat box looks like it would be grate fur hiding stuff in and taking it out...dat is a good game to play wif bokses.

  7. Fanks Derby for nominating me. Yoo are also da best rockin boy cat. Haf fun wif all yur new toys and goodies.

  8. yu gots lots of grate stuff!

    yuki & kimiko

  9. I love those Temptations Derby! Way cool gifties!

  10. So happy that you got your toys~!
    You look very happy!

  11. Wow, Derby, those are great purresents! Is purple your favorite color?

  12. Wow, you got your own package, with your name on it? Oh why didn't my momma sign me up in time for Secret Paws??? Another wonderful package. I'm happy for you Derby. I'm gonna make my mom send me one of those in the mail. I heard her planning a trip to the pet store to get more litter. Now if I could just find her list. I want Temptations, bobble toys, anything with feathers and a live 'nip plant. Mom, you better get going. Tell you what, you don't even have to mail it to me. Bringing it in a plastic bag will be good enough for me. But it's got to be my own stuff. No sharing. I have my own blog, I'm old enough for my own toys. Thanks Derby for giving me ideas. Enjoy your loot.

  13. The Bobble toys with the feathers look real fun, but I'd probably chew off the feathers.

  14. Congratulations on your boy blogger award. You look like you have a fun box of presents.


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