Saturday, July 14, 2007

Just Alaxin

I am just taking it easy today, hanging out and napping. I have to be sort of ready in case the Girls of the Big Piney Woods teleport over. It is so furry hot where they are and I invited them to come over to enjoy the wonderfully cool Whiskerconsin weather. If the faires want to come along they can. They won't be sweating here.

These are pictures of our garden today. A hazy sunshine, not hot, and the sun will be going where there will be more shade here soon. We even had a nice rain shower early today, so everything has been washed clean.

Mistrie can chill out in the garden, the rest of us can sit by the big windows that go to the floor. We can all visit together.
Mum is sort of taking it easy. The washy machine has been busy and mum has been picking up the newsy papers. But mostly she is reading a book today. But when she was making up the bed, I was trying to rest and she got me as a bed lump again.
First I had to help her get the bottom sheet all pulled out nicely and tight.
I will get this side mum, you pull on the other end.
Yes, that looks nice. I can just nap now. What another layer?
OK. Let's get the next sheet put on too, I will help with this side, you work over there.
Yes, mum I am here, trying to help you.
What do you mean my side is all messy and lumpy yet. I haven't quite finished.
See, I can do this, now my side looks nice too. Now can I nap? No?!
Sheesh, now for the blankie. Why do you need so much stuff on your bed?
Mum, I am tired of this. I just want to nap and you keep making me a bed lump.
That is it. I have had enough. Finish this on your own.
I think I hear the girls arriving in the other room. See ya.


  1. Hopee you & the girls have a great time! They certainly need the break from the heat.
    Your momma doesn't appreciate all your help. Tell her she needs to just get a big box and curl up in that. That is the best kind of bed!

  2. You is a furry good helper fer makin' beds! And we fink da piney woods fairies would really like yer yard!

  3. You certainly are an expert bed maker! Hope you have a lovely and alaxing day!

  4. derb ...
    take sum time owt frum makin da bed an come to mi squillion'z contest tomorrow at 12:01 AM EST!

  5. your yard is very pretty. nice flowers. i agree, your Mum does not 'ppreciate your bed makin' skills. let her make it herself next time

  6. Mom said that you are a much better helper than we are. She takes the stuff off of the bed and we jump in it. She tries to put on the new stuff an' we hide under the bed.

    Love those flowers! Send us a little of that rain, please!


  7. Oh, Derby, thanks for letting us come ofur. Sorry we couldn't stay long but with Momma and Daddy going camping, we had to help them get ready. We luv Whiskerconsin and your purty garden! Our Daddy's sister lives in Whiskerconsin. We will teleport ofur when they are gone. Precious thinks you give such great sassy lessons.


  8. I think it was so nice of you to invite the Big Piney Woods girls over Derby. It's been very hot out here and I am thankful that our heat has broken a bit--we even had thunderstorms yesterday morning and we never have that!

    I'm off to nap!

  9. That's wonderful that you had the Big Piney Woods cats over - what fun!

    You were doing a great job on that bed, I think.

  10. KidBean likes to dive under the sheets when the bed are bein' made. MomBean says it's funny the first time, not so much on the 12th.

  11. I like making the bed too! I always am on the lookout for sheet mice!

  12. Good job helping with the bed-making. I think you earned at least 4 Temptations for that.

  13. Your bed making abilities look pretty satisfactory to me. I love your garden. I bet there are lots of fairies there.

  14. When I try to help my mom change the sheets, she won't let me. I have no idea why.


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