Monday, July 2, 2007

ManCat Monday

"The whir of a can opener or the bark of an unfamiliar dog...will send even the most deeply dozing cat bounding into the kitchen or under the bed." - Barbara L. Diamond

Yep, I hear the treat can shaken or mum opening the sealed plastic box and pouring my crunchies into my blow. Then I come to get my goodies.
My bowl is nearly empty, mum get it better get it filled up again. I am in need of nourishment. Goody, the big food box has been opened. While the big food box looks nearly empty mum has more foods that she can use to fill it up again. Ahhh. Crunch, crunch, swallow. That was nice and thanks for filling up my bowl. Now I can crunch away overnight. Plus mum found something in my water bowl earlier. I don't know what this fly was going in my water. It sort of looked like the backstroke.
Oh waiter! There is a fly in my water! Ya, wanna get it out please? Mum emptied the water bowl, cleaned it and put fresh water in for me. I am not into swimming or drowned items in my water bowl.
More information on the visitors, guess it is mum's brother Stormie and his wife. No little people, but mum says Stormie isn't that fond of four footed creatures. hehehe. That means I will be ALL over him while he is here. More boomies going off but not late at night and not real close to the house. Mum says in another week it will be all over.

I have been hearing rumors of a party, maybe even a couple of parties, but don't have the details. Shilgiah want to come and needs more information. I supposed most likely the details will show up on the Cat Blogosphere. Sheesh, if we have company, I wonder if I can sneak away!


  1. Lucky you! We don't get bowls filled with kibble. Mom MEASURES our food at mealtimes and there is no extra in the dish. She usually will give us a few treats by hand at night, though.

    Come visit--we're having a 200th post contest.


  2. Make sure you fur your mommy's brother really good. I love to fur people.

  3. Mmmm! Crunchies!


    Fly, can you and I be furriends???


    A dead fly is no fun at all. Next time, tell him to look alive! At least then you can play with him....


  4. A fly in the bowl! good that you made the bean change the water immediately!

  5. It's good that yer mom knows when the bowls need to be filled. Our mom knows that too and we would remind her if she ever forgot. We don't like fly flavored water either!

  6. Wow, it sounds like things could get exciting around your place.

    You know, I've got to get the humans to let me on the computer on Sunday!

  7. Wow, you sure have a big container of food! You are very lucky.

    My favorite sound is the treat jar being shaken. I always come running to that sound!

  8. We run when the pantry door opens. Thats where the cans of stinky goodness are!
    And when your mom fills up that big container, can we come over to help empty it?
    (ps: what do you eat for such a glossy, silky coat)

  9. I think the fly was doing the breast stroke! I liked your bunny friend by the way!

  10. You didn't get to eat the fly? I LOVE to eat bugs and I munch them quickly before Meowmy can take them from me.


  11. Oh indeedy, I hear the pop of a can lid and I come running! In fact, I just come running anytime someone is doing something in the kitchen - you never know!

  12. Sounds like you will have a very busy 4th of July! Make sure to spend lots of time with your mom's brother!

  13. We don't know where the party is but we hope to see you over the holiday week. We have had quite a few boomies tonight - not liking that at all...we'll check back tomorrow...

    Purrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

  14. Now why did that fly want to swim in your water bowl? Goodness sakes.

    Tonight, there were firecrackers that went off and both Sally and Reno came through the cat flap at the same time! We don't like boomers either.

    Yup, crawl all over Stormie.

    Luf, Us

  15. Derby, I just realzied when looking at the picture of you eating that your tail looks EXACTLY like mine! Maybe we are long lost brothers or something?!

    Conner Cloud


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