Sunday, July 15, 2007

Berry, Berry, Berry

Seems like such a quiet day today. No guests and all. Patches, Mittens, Mistrie and Precious all came over to alax in the cool weather here yesterday. We didn't do much but sit around and be lazy. But the girls all appreciated the cool weather, I even think I saw a fairy who came along and hid under the flowers in the garden.

Precious and I compared notes about being sassy. She has such a natural talent that I don't think I can even teach her anything. You either are sassy or not. Precious is definately sassy. I hope CalicoMom Toni won't be mad at me, but I really haven't taught her anything she didn't already know.

The girls stayed to the end of the day and teleported home as the sun was setting. Hopefully when they got home it was a little cooler for them.
Good bye ladies, stop by again sometime when it it hot a your house and cool at mine. Mum says she won't mind. She enjoyed having all of your here as well.
Mum got up early today and went and picked more berries. Said this will be the last time this year as the berries are just about all gone. Mum took one of the little boxes over to Grampie and she is saving some for the buns to come over. So Lando, Fi, Mrs. Sniffles and anyother bun can come over for a little treat.

We are having another wonderful day here, sunny, not hot. Mum says it may be time for us to go sit outside on the patio. That means I can hang out in my porch with her. Anybody else that is too hot can come over.


  1. Wow, the berries look very delicious. Maybe your mommy will make you a pie! Save me a piece.

  2. The berries look so cute and fun! I bet it would be lots of fun to pounce on them and drag em all over da floor....


  3. My mom says those berry pictures are making her feel both hungry and thirsty!

  4. BB&A's mom here. When I was growing up my Grandmother had tons of berry bushes and I got to eat as many of those berries that I could. Looking at that wonderful picture I can almost taste them. Mmmmmmm. You are so lucky to have them. Aren't they great?

  5. I'm glad you're having a cool day and your company enjoyed themselves. Those raspberries looks so good.

  6. Derby ... Those are my grandad's favorite kind of berry. He LOVES them. Please enjoy yours a whole lot, okay?

    Mom loves blueberries from Astoria, Oregon ... Her auntie used to make pies that were so delicious. Mom also liked to pick blackberries when she'd visit her fambly in Washington.

    The only berries I like come in the form of Hostess Berry Pies.


  7. Oh enjoy the berries Derby!

  8. delicious~!
    michico said she wants to taste a little bit~!

  9. It even *looks* cool with all your trees. As for the berries, I'd bat them under the refrigerator and let Mom find them way later.


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