Friday, July 20, 2007

Fang Shui Friday

To ensure strong offspring, romance should occur according to fur color. White cats should romance in the winter, orange cats in the autumn; black cats in the spring; tabbly cats in the summer. Calico cas may romance whenever they wish.

From Fang Shui by Catfucious, Peter Pauper Press, 2002.

Woohoo, that means romance time is coming soon for me. Guess I better schedule some time to romance my
Princess MiaBella. Doesn't say what time of year is a good romance time for tuxie's. Lord Jader asked about Derby's Dreamcats. It is mostly a site for those of us to show off our sweeties. Some kitties have joined along with their sweeties. So if you want to join you can. Go check it out!

Mum has been very busy with working. No fun for her, but that means not as much fun for me either. She doesn't want to come home and look at another 'puter, which means she doens't turn the home one on much. So I try to keep up with everything, but may not be saying much.

I am happy it is open window time again. The weather is nice and cool enough again so mum can come home and open windows. I sure do like that. I spent the evening running from window to window to window to check things out. Saying hi to the buns, squirrels and birdies.
Hi mum, you want to share looking out the window with me? OK, I think we can do that. I know we are both happy we can have the windows open again. Let's just alax and what our little outside furiends. Plus this weekend you have to help me find a nice picture for Jeter's Squillion contest!

Flower Friday!

This is a furry large plant by the back fence. Mum says it was here when she bought the house. Plus there is another plant like this behind the house by the patio.
Here is a closeup of the flower. It is like a little purple ball. Mum says the plant is an ornamental thistle, not to be confused with the thistle plant that most people treat as a weed (even though mum says that plant has a neat looking flower.
Even Uncle Flip was impressed with this plant when he was here a couple of years ago. Mum had to dig some of the plant up and send it to him. His is growing very well in his garden in Merryland.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Mum says we need to rest, well, she needs to rest. Purrs.


  1. Oh! It's my season for love? Sweet! I'm gonna give my dreamgirl Millie a heooge kiss today!

  2. Yep the season for love.
    We hope you have a wonderful week-end Derby!!


  3. HEYYYY, are those the flowers that Eeoyre eats????

  4. Hmm... I wonder when Siamese should romance?

    I think whenever we feel like it, IF we feel like it!

  5. So THAT'S where purple kitty toys come frum! Looks like you could haf quite a harvest. I wonder how they get so soft later? (Mom thot it was an alium)

    Derby, you's rite bout my new toy hafin a sucktion cup. I had anofur one but it was fev-vers an not as fun as this one wif fur. I guess I's a mouser, not a birder.

    Oh, Derbs? Yur typin's a little off. Am I a "tabbly"? :-) No wonder I hasn't found a new girlfuriend since Emmy moofed. Haf a grate weekend! Purrs!

  6. I am pretty sure Tuxies are in demand as eligible dreamboats so any time is the right time! -Scooby

  7. I sure am glad to be a calico cat! Because that rule is good for me.

  8. The purple flower is beautiful, especially as purple is my favourite colour. Also I am glad to hear that, as a calico cat, I can romance any time I like - whoopee! FAZ

  9. That romance thing discriminates against us bi-colors who are not tuxies...that is, wearing full tuxedos. What about guys like me who are Harlequin Cats, mostly white with another color spotted markings?

    Not that I'm looking for a new girlfriend right now. I'm just making notes for when I do!!


  10. Oh, I have to find a boyfriend before Autumn : )

    Derby, your Mum has such nice flowers. My Mum has managed to kill all our plants except for my kitty grass and my catnip plant and she hasn't killed those yet because I am looking after them!

  11. I love window-time too. It is great.

  12. Have a nice restful and relaxing weekend and say hi to the wildlife from us!

  13. I think a nice relaxing weekend is what I need too! Enjoy the relaxation Derby!

  14. Derby, make sure you give your Mum lots of love and cuddles when she's resting, because if she has to work hard during the summer, she must be terribly busy. Just imagine if you were really, really busy... you'd want support too, right?

  15. Wow! We didn't know the season for love was determined by fur colors!!! Furry inchresting. Love the flowers!! They are pretty. The leaves look prickly though like the bothersome thistle weed. Are they?
    It is nice that you can open your windows. It's too hot here now to do that.

    Luf, Us

  16. Those purple flowers look like they'd make cool toys!

    Good luck with that romance department, Derby, not that you'll need it.

  17. Whut is da best time of year fer meezers?


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