Friday, August 3, 2007

Fang Shui Friday

Eating from a chipped food dish brings bad luck.

From Fang Shui by Catfucious, Peter Pauper Press, 2002.

This is my food bowl, big, somewhat empty at the moment and NOT chipped. Mum has several bowls like this for me, so she can keep one out for food and send the rest into the hot water washer thingy for dishes.

So if your beans are feeding you from a chipped, cracked or otherwise damaged. Demand a new one!

Flower Friday

This is a picture of a stargazer lily. Mum thinks these are the prettiest flowers, but the picture is from last summer as the plant didn't come back this year. Mum is furry bummed out about that. Plus she didn't see any to buy this summer.

Purrs to our Cat Blogosphere buddies in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Brandi,; Scooby, Shaggy and Scout, they are safe. Lots of healing purrs to all of those hurt or families who lost a loved one.

About mum's company and doing the backpack for the schools. She works for a HUGE company, one of the biggest in the world. So they are always doing things in the community. But they are given lists of what to buy based upon what grade they are in. They are specifically asked not to add to the list of special stuff. Like a toy or stuffed animal, because they don't want the kids to get in fights or jealous of each other.

Mum says if you want to do it in your community, ask around and see if a company, or more companies, would sponsor this as a community project. All they gotta do is buy the back packs or book bags. Then find a school or two who can use the help. All of the bags from mum's office go to one inner city school. Plus in a few weeks they have community service day where they actually go to the schools to help out with projects at the school. Cleaning, painting, helping get things ready for the new school year.

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. I agree about the chipped bowls and that is a very pretty flower, Derby.

  2. Momma has 6 water bowls and 5 food bowls for us. Mistrie has two water bowls and the rest are spread out around the house, as are the food bowls. We keep her busy filling them up and scooping out the litter box!

    Momma loves star gazer lilies, they are the purtiest lily efur, she says.

    Oh, and Momma belongs to a ladies group that buys school supplies like that.


  3. You may see my article on August 2nd, at the second picture you may see mine bowl. My water bowl is very big, And I love it~!

  4. I have alot of bowls cause I break them sometimes by slamming them on the wall.Mom donates the niece thingy's books she doesn't want to the school library.

  5. I eat my crunchies in a stainless steel bowl, but my stinky goodness goes in plastic so it can be microwaved. Because I refuse to eat cold stinky goodness. And I never eat a full can of my prescription foods.

    That flower is pretty!

  6. I would never dream of eating from a chipped dish...

    Love those lillies!

  7. DKM loves those lillies!

  8. Sage advice as usual, Derby!
    Those lillies always remind mom of grandma & grandpa's farmhouse. They had them by the front entrance.
    Mom & Dad's church does the backpack thing along with other groups around here. Mom likes to do it because she doesn't have kids anymore and buying school supplies brings back fond memories.

  9. We gets to eat our stinky goodness off the same kind of plates as the beans, they are just smaller. We haff two speshal bowls for crunchies. They say "FEED ME". Furry appropriate, yes?

  10. Hi Derby, sorry we haven't visited, but Mom has had computer "issues".

    With such few kibbles there, you may have to start rationing your intake or demand a fill-up.

    Dad's lilies did pretty well this year. Maybe the vishus deer ate yours?

  11. I'm going to go check ALL the food bowls right now, Derby! Of course, I'll have to eat all the food to make sure there's no chips in the bottoms.

  12. None of us cats eat from chipped bowls, but I've seen the beans eat from some themselves! I'd better tell them to stop! Perhaps I should totally break the chipped bowls!

  13. You absolutely deserve nothing less than a superior food bowl. You tell your momma!

  14. Ok, we just checked our bowls for chips and there weren't any so if we eat now will we have good luck? Mom, we need some food in our chip-free bowls now!

    And we think that is great thing your mom is doing with the backpacks and we're sorry she didn't get to see her pretty flower back this summer.

    Purrrrs, China Cat & Willow

  15. We feel sad yur pretty flower didn't come back dis year. Mom is surprised every year when owr flowers come back.

  16. I have three bowls myself-no chips! I'll have to watch for them though.
    The flowers are purdy. We had some of the same ones too!

  17. We have no chips, just checked. But mom drinks her coffee from a chipped cup, I better get her to stop!

    Pretty flowers!

  18. I eat out of a nice little bowl with no chips. All of us have different bowls and sit by them while Mom dishes out our food.
    We like her to hurry.

    I hope your Mum's flower comes back next year!

    ~Anna Sue

  19. that's why we insist on fiestaware dishes. they nefurr chip.

  20. I used to eat fwom porcewein pwates too until mine Mummy weawized she bwoke too many. Yep. Not onwy chip them, mind you, mine Mummy is THIS cwumsy she bweaks things all the time.
    So now I use a pwastic bowl for mine fishy goodness and a metal bowl for mine water.

  21. I Dare You...!
    Come on over and check it out.


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