Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Twin Challenge

George over at Crew's Views has challenged us to find our nose or face twin. I think I sort of have two fellow ginger buddies who can match up pretty well.
Brach Lee husband/brofur of Empress Kukka-Maria. He has a white strip on his forehead, same as me, but his is a little lower on his face than mine. We sure do miss them now that they are not blogging anymore.

Connor Cloud of the Cyclone Cats. He is missing the little stripe of white on his forehead, otherwise, we are about the same. He lives in the same town that mum was borned in!

On Saturday at the party for the August kitties we had a great time at the HotMBC chat. Lots of us gotted carried away and had our furs dyed (temporary) like our beans dye their hair. So since the Packers were playing I got my dye job in green and gold. Plus I had them stencil the initials of my lovely Princess Mia Bella on my side. See me with my green and gold dye job.
Thankfully with some nice warm towels from the spa people I am back to my normal colors today! But it was fun. Sammy Meezer was blue, so he got dyed blue, Zippy dyed herself red!

Mum got crazy last night. She woked up in the middle of the night (2 AM) and then went outside! She sat in a chair and looked up at the sky. She said she was looking for stars to shoot. No wait, mum says she was looking at shooting stars. This is the bestest time to watch for the Perseid meteor shower and she got to see some of them shooting stars. Not super lots, 'cuz lights from the city make it harder to see them. But she saw about 6 within 15 minutes which was furry good, all things considered. The night before it was cloudy and raining, so she didn't get up. Funny thing was she just sort of woke up, looked at the time and went outside. Not like she set the alarm to get up.

This is the first time mum has seen them. She thinks about looking at the every year. But it is either a bad night to stay up late, a full moon, clouds etc. So mum figured it was worth a few minutes to go outside and see what she could see. Some clouds started to come in, so she came back in and wented back to sleep. But now she can cross off one thing on her list of stuff she would like to see.


  1. our mommy laid on the lawn in the back yard on a quilt, wif anofurr quilt ofurr her and a pillow and watched the shooting stars. and maybe took a nap too. hee hee.

    Brach Lee does look like you - but we think Conner is a closer match.

    ::sigh:: Kuuuuuuukkkkkkkkaaaaaaa. (Miles)

  2. You are just cute for werds, Smiley Boy!

    That must have been some party, sorry we missed it.

    Patches :)

  3. I also think Connor is a slightly closer match than Brach. Ah I miss Kukka...

  4. Hmmmm, just a little bit similar, but I think there are some different, and you describe the detail very good.

    Each of you has different beauty there.

  5. Those are some good nose twins for you, Derby!

  6. Both Conner and Brach are good choices. I think my Mommy has the same kind of list your Mum has. I hope they get a chance to do everything listed!

  7. My bean didn't even try this year to see those shooting stars. She said the lights from the village are too bright.
    You looked good in green and yellow. And I liked you found your nose twin.


  8. Mom likes to watch those shootingstars when she can. She calls them her birthday stars cause they happen in August her birthday month. We are glad you are back to yer normal colours there. We don't haf any really unique noses here. They are just ordinary noses-one black, one dark brown, and one grey. ~Merlin, Shadow, and Ko ko of the Fluffy Tribe

  9. Wow, both of those kitties are good twins for you!

    I like the picture of you dyed green and gold - very cute!

  10. You and Brach have the same spotties on your noses, but you and Connor have a more similar expression. Very nice pair of matches, Derby. My momma went out last night to look at the shooting stars, too, but I couldn't stay awake.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  11. Your Mum is gweat! She wakes up at 2am! I think although she says she's waiting for some shooting stars, the weal weason is she wants to get up and pway with you!

  12. Yoo found someone wif just as kool color nose dat yoo has!
    Did yur Mom wish on a shooting star? Dose wishes do come true you know.

  13. What a great nose twin! Clyde is still looking for his. I found mine, but haven't posted it yet.

  14. You and Brach are quite similar in markings and Connor and you have pretty identical head & face shapes. Good job!

  15. Both you and Brach are very similiar and Connor does indeed look a lot like you too. I know I need to see if I can find my twin also. Wow what a party we are so sorry we could not come.


  16. Hahahaha! Good work on the dye job. You got Packers colors!

    We always thought you and Conner look enough alike to be brothers, but we never realized there was a close resemblance to Brach.

  17. That's a great twin match :)

  18. I love the stencil!! Thank you Derbs!

  19. You found your twins! Wow!

    I was fast asleep at 2am. No shooting stars would wake me up.

  20. That sounds like a great party! Sorry we missed it!

    That's cool that your mom woke up at 2:00 to go look at Perseid shooters. Glad she saw them.

    Luf, Us


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