Sunday, August 5, 2007

ManCat Monday

Who can believe that there is no soul behind those luminous eyes! - Theophile Gautier
Mum thinks I have a soul, that all living creatures have a soul. So there are times she just looks at me and smiles.

Mum and I had a quiet weekend. She just did the stuff around the house, she even took a nap yesterday. It was a good day for a bean nap, cloudy, rainy day, not much to do. She even slept in a bit on Sunday AM, which was furry good. That put her in a good mood for the day. I got lots of cuddles and such. But when I wandered off to take a nap, she just let me be.

Some weeks ago the Cat Realm issued a challenge to do a picture wearing a pink wig. Mum finally got it worked out and here I am. Being rather dramatic with my wig covering my one eye. Mum remembers a comic character from when she was a little wafer of a girl who always had her hair over one eye. She thinks it might have one of the girls in the Archie comics, Veronica or Betty? Anyway, that doesn't really matter.
I much prefer the way I look on the top picture, just me, where you can see both eyes!


  1. Of course we have soul~!
    I also believe that, michico does, too.
    Or why could we understand our bean think~!

    So happy to know that you and your momma have a sweet and peace weekend, that is the weekend we want~!!!

    And you look adorable in pink~!

  2. Yes, Derby I think we like seeing into your soul with both eyes... the pink wig just didn't do it for many people!

  3. Our mom believes the same as your mom about souls. Of course we have souls!

    You look lovely in the pink wig!

  4. We love your ginger soul! The wig, not so much...

  5. To even think we wouldn't have a soul!
    What a trouper you are, Derby!
    Two IDYA challenges in one day, that could be a first...
    Very mysterious expression in that one eye there! I have to tell Anastasia about it, she is who knows where, probably hanging out with Monte...

  6. Derby,

    I, too, agree with your Mom: all of God's creatures have souls.

    Sounds like you had wonderful, relaxing weekend.


  7. Puuuurrrrrrrrs to you Derby!

  8. We're with you on the souls. That wig covers up your beeyooteeful eyes, though. You might not want to wear it everyday. You're much too cute to be covered up like that.


  9. I believe we have souls, too. But I also think we should just say no to pink wigs!

  10. we prefer the non-pink hair Derby too!

  11. We agree with the soul thing! I don't know why beans would doubt that.


  12. I'm with William. We cats have the most pure souls around in the universe. Plus pink wigs or head gear of any sort is demeaning to the elevated status we cats should have in society.

  13. Oh yes, I agree and so does Mum - all animals have souls.

    I like the picture of you in the pink wig - it is furry attractive.

    My Mum and I did just what you and your Mum did this weekend, but we had an extra day because Monday was a holiday in Canada.

  14. You've got pwetty eyes.
    Nice pink hair by the way!

  15. Of course we have souls! It sounds to me like you had a fantastic weekend. Ernest and I love quiet weekends. They're the best!

  16. Wow. Gorgeous eyes. Such a glassy effect. I am sure I can see my reflection in them!

  17. I love my SlyCat, but ooooohhhhh, butterflies flutter when I see that picture of you. (not the pink wig pic...ditch that one!)

    Skittles, The Huntress


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