Wednesday, August 1, 2007

School Shopping

Mum went out shopping tonight and didn't buy anything for me. I did get to mess with the bags for a bit.
Mum had two bags she brought home from work and lists of stuff that was supposed to go into each bag.
Look at all of this stuff. The only thing I liked was the red pen that was in the pile. I swiped it and went to hide it in my tent, but mum came and took it back.
She said this was a project they do every year at work. The head work beans buy lots of backpacks for kids who can't afford them. The people like mum get to go shopping to buy school supplies for the kids. They have a list to follow so that the kids have what the school says they need.
Mum says it is fun to shop for this stuff, without actually having to go to school anymore. So now she can take the backpacks filled with the stuff that mum bought. Hope these kids learn lots this new year. Like how nice kitties are! Maybe draw pictures of kitties a school.

It has been furry hot here the past few days. No open windows here and whenever mum opens the door you can feel the heat. But mum works outside in the yard even in the heat. Not doing a lot, but pulling a few weeds, filling the birdie feeders and cleaning the birdie baths. I am glad we have A/C to keep me cool!


  1. that was nice of your mom! our mom usded to do that at her old werk when she hadded a job.

    it's 'posed to be almost 100 here tomorrow. that sounds really hot! we is glad we have cold air blowing too!

  2. Wowww, lots of stuffs here~!
    You momma is such a kind person~! I like her already~!!

  3. Wow! Cool! I see cwayons!
    You know what I wike best about them? Getting them all out of the box and go cwazy dwibbwing them all over the house! HOHOHO....
    But I guess you can't do that or those kids won't be able to get the cwayons.

  4. It looks like fun stuff to play with. I doubt the kids would mind if you batted some of it around...

    That is very nice of your human to do such a thing.

  5. Oh that's nice of your Mom, Derby. She's a nice bean just like you're a nice cat. I love playing with pens, even if they aren't red. But I guess it did have to go back for the kids. Purrrrrs,
    Boni Maroni

    BAGS!!! BAGS!!! Oh bags are the best!!!

  6. What a very nice beans your mom and her boss are. I work at a middle school in a lower income level, and I wish we had a program like this at our school. As a suggestion, might I also suggest an inexpensive alarm clock. We have a lot of kids that can't afford one and if someone doesn't wake them up, they come late to school. You can usually find them in drug stores or at Target or Walmart for under $5.00. Once again, you have a super mom and mom's boss.

    Tara (not the cat)

  7. Hi Derby! We live in Ohio and It is furry furry hot at our house too! My bunny mum thinks you are a very handsome sassy cat!

    ~Andrew Bun

  8. That is a very nice project to help the kids!

  9. This is a good story. First because your mum got to go shopping, second because she got to help others who need help and third because you got to play with the red pen. A good day all round methinks. FAZ

  10. That is really cool of your mom! What a wonderful idea to help out kids in need. The Lap Lady is a bit obsessive about office/school supplies she would probably love to do something like this.


  11. What a nice mom you have to do that for the little ones going back to school! I think the bags are funner to play with anyway.

  12. That is a very nice thing to do. You deserve praise. Praaaaiiiiisssse!

  13. Hi Derby! Those are some great supplies. Bunny Mommy has been playing with her crayons a lot too. Maybe it's acuz she's going back to school soon too! Stay cool!

  14. That is a very nice project your Mum and her work is doing.

    I LOVE shopping bags too. Mum always cuts the handles off because she heard of a cat getting stuck in the handle part once, but then she lets me play with them.

  15. How nice of your mom to do that. I bet all that will make some little kid very happy.


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