Friday, May 29, 2009

Fevver Friday

The other day one of the little wrens was checking out the bird houses for a place to raise a family.
In, no out, not sure, is there anything else available?
Well mum has collected a few birdie houses that are like ginger houses. You can see the ginger head in the back, plus this ginger cat in front.
So is this one any better?
The view is OK, even from the top, you are in the nice crabby apple tree. Near the feeders too.
Mum is now at me with the flashy box, never ending flashy box.
You keep that up I give you the paw of doom!
Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Paw of Doom, or Back of Disrespect? Both are effective.

    Huffle Mawson

  2. We like your birdy houses. Also the paw of doom looks fierce.

  3. Oh what lovely birie houses. I love the pictures of the little birds head sticking out.

    I know just what you mean with the flashy box.

    Hugs GJ xx

  4. Those are cute little fev-ver houses. It must be exciting to watch them.

  5. That's a very choosy little bird. Hope he found something suitable for the family! The cute kitty houses are neat!
    Your paw of doom picture is great!

  6. I hope that the birdy pics a nice house where you can watch it. And don't get too concerned over the pictures and flashes - it is just a sign that your mom thinks you are great! Have a great weekend.

  7. Your paw of doom is very impressive!!!! And that birdhouse is very cute.
    Mrs. OZ

  8. That looks more like teh paw of kissies haha the momma loves to kissie the paws!
    The birdies are so cute it must be lots of fun to watch :)

  9. Paw of Doom! That's a great one, Derby. Hope you don't mind that I borrow that.

  10. Oh, those are lovely houses for the birdies. Your paw of doom is - awesome, ha!

    We are passing on an award to you, so stop by to pick it up.

    from all of us

  11. Those bird houses are quite nice. Hopefully, over the weekend, your human pet will give you a break from the flashy box.

  12. We love the birdie feeders!!! Nice your Mom provides homes to the feathered gang.

  13. Did the wren move in? Tommy has a birdy house outside. Don't know if snybody's moved in. Not seen a U-Haul yet.

    Nice pictures of you! Like you were gonna punch somebody!



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