Thursday, May 21, 2009

Roosters, Flowers and Fevvers

With Georgia crossing to the Bridge I figured my little trip to the VET wasn't all that urgent to report. But mum took me in Wednesday night for my annual checkup. I got two shots in the bum, one a three year rabies and one distemper. I don't have a temper, why do I need that shot?

Now I am a good kittie, I go right into the carrier and I talked to mum all the way there. Mum timed it so she got there just before our appointment time. However, they were running behind and I had to wait in my carrier, surrounded by woofies. Mum sat with me as far away from those beasts as we could, but one woofie kept trying to get close. His bean said he had kitties at home to play with so wanted to play with me. I didn't want to play with him! I did lots of growling and hissing while I was there, even after I was back out in the car on for the trip home. The woofie Dad was parked next to our metal monster, he said he had never heard a kittie growl like me.Nothing wrong, just the rooster shots and home. Mum gave me some stinky goodness to cheer me up, then I just curled up on my nice bed to rest and pretty much stayed there all night. When mum got up she was worried that I hadn't come into the sleepy room to watch birdies first thing. I am fine, just keeping to myself. I have joined her this past evening on the couch, to mooch treats and get my scritches.
Flowers, our lilacs are in full bloom. Since I would eat them, mum goes out and does great big sniffs of the flowers. She loves lilacs and this dark purple one is one that mum got a start from Grampie's old house.
The crabby apple tree is just about done flowering too, we have pink confetti all over the groundMum saw and heard Mr Oriole singing the other night way up in our tree. We still can tell they are eating the fresh orange halves mum puts out. So we are hoping they stay around and bring babies.

The BlueBird of Happyness is here too. Mum says it is an indigo bunting. Victor said he has seen these guys too at his house. Mum has seen them before, but like once and then not again. We saw one the day we first saw the Orioles, then again twice this week at different feeders.

Here you can see Mr Bunting feeding with Mr Goldfinch. Mum is happy to see these guys around too. Must mean they like our yard and our foods. They entertain me too!


  1. Oooooh, you are such a good kitty. You go right into the carrier!! So good. We don't do that.

    You have lilacs in the garden! We are so jealous. Love lilacs. We had to buy ours since we have no back yard. bluebird is so pretty!

  2. I am glad that there is nothing wrong! And that you did well. Look at the lovely birdies giving you a show afterwards!

  3. You must have been tired from your V-E-T visit. That must have been why you came home and slept. The flowers look beautiful and the fev-vers look yummy -oops, we mean colorful.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  4. That crabby apple tree is so pretty! Also you are lucky to have so many pretty birdies to watch! We only have robins and towhees. That must have been scary at the vet with a strange wolfie trying to get close to you! I get nervous with Monty dog when he gets too close!!

  5. I think you were just tired from the shots and dealing with the strange woofie who wanted to make friends with you. Sleeping after a vet visit is normal, I think. I am glad that you have so many birdies to watch. I also love lilacs. We have an old lilac bush in our garden, but I think it is dying. It didn't bloom at all and has very few leaves. Oh, well, we have enjoyed it for 30-some-odd years.

  6. Glad the vet trip went OK and your back home safe and sound! Gorgeous blooms and a wonderful indigo bunting pic!! We saw one of those only once up here, passing through. We are always on the lookout for a painted bunting, that would be quite a treat to see!!

    Purrs Goldie

  7. Vet visits always tire us out too! Those rooster shots are a pain in the behind! hehe

    Glad you're okay, Derby! Have a great weekend

  8. I am glad your vet trip went okay Derby.

    Your birdies are so pretty to look at! We just get boring old pigeons.

    Huffle Mawson

  9. Oh poor you getting three shots. All those woofies, no wonder you were growling.

    I love your garden it is so pretty. All those wonderful birds too. Just lovely..

    Hugs GJ xx

    PS glad you are ok.

  10. Your flowers are pretty and you're so lucky to have seen Mr. Oriole...we haven't see one yet!

    Glad your vet visit went well except for that woofie...we woulda hissed too!

  11. I'm glad you had such a good visit to the vet, Derby. What a relief to know that everything is fine!

  12. Vet trips = loud singing on the way there. And back. And in the waiting room...

  13. rooster shots stink. we's glad you is ok

  14. Well that sure is good news that the vet visit went easily. The Spring flowers are all gone around here but today is the first actually warm day in a long time.


  15. Brrr, I would not like to have been next to the woofies in the v-e-ts, Derby. And I don't go into the carrier without a big struggle! (except when I am on the v-e-t's table and try to get back in the carrier so I can go home).
    Love the pics, your birds are so colourful compared to ours. We haven't seen much lately apart from boring old woodpigeons and one magpie and Mr. Blackbird. The lilac is over here, but lots of yellow roses out in the last few days, and yellow lupins too. Pretty!

  16. Derby, glad your vet visit went so well. Doggies can be very scary indeed. Oh and if you are an indoor only cat, you might consider not getting yearly vaccinations. It does take its toll on your health over time. :)


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