Saturday, May 9, 2009

Orange Birdies

Mum and I are furry excited. We saw a bird we have never seen before, it is orange and black. Mum says it is a Baltimore Oriole. Please biggify the pictures for maximum enjoyment.

Mum was spending lots of time cleaning this morning, doing the washing stuff. She didn't want to start using the sucking monster until the washy machine stopped on the first load.
So she sat down with me and was watching outside when we saw a bright orange bird in the crabby apple tree. Mum grabbed the fancy flashy box and started taking pictures.
He flew over to the bird feeder, hey, turn around, we don't want to see your spot 13!
That's better, but these birdies don't eat seed like mum usually feeds the birdies. He is looking for orange.
This is orange, but not eatable. Can you see we got over an inch of rain last night? So mum went into the big cold box, got out an orange, cut it in half and put it out by the feeder. This was before lunch time.
Later in the afternoon, mum looked out and Mr Oriole was back having a snack! Woohoo, we have gotten the guy to come back!
A short time later Mrs Oriole showed up too. Maybe they will make their home in a nearby tree and bring their babies around later. Plus you can see a red winged black bird, plus a male and female rose breasted grosbeak.

Mum will have to stock up on oranges, or get a special feeder that can hold grape jelly or nectar to keep these guys well fed.

Plus happy Mum's Day to all of the mum's, both kittie mum's and bean mums!


  1. Beautiful bird! Thanks for sharing it. Was it tasty? Oh, you could only look at it?

  2. OOOoh an Oriole. What a cool looking bird.

  3. Oh what a beautiful place to watch! There are so many cool birdies!

  4. That is so cool ~ there's an Audubon feeder that is a nectar/grape jelly combo.
    But oranges are just as attractive to them!
    Hope they nest in your trees - oriole nests are so cool to see hanging way up in the branches.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  5. That is a very pretty birdie.Happy Mother's Day to your Mom.

  6. That's way cool!!! Hmm...wonder if we had his cousin bisit us while we were in Del Rio? We had a bird wif similar markings that would eat owt of the hummy bird feeder. We fink there's a pic in a post a few posts ago.
    ~Meeko & Kiara

    pee ess: Momma is furry sad about the outcome of the basebal game tonight!

  7. I'm sorry I missed your Gotcha Day, Derby. Busy-ness caught up with me and I have been offline for a while. I hope you had a great time. Your orioles are very pretty. I hope they do build a nest near your house. Happy Mother's Day!

  8. This is better than any television show I've ever watched.

    Huffle Mawson

  9. I haf nefer seen a birdie. I hope one will come by our window soon.

    ~Slash & Bronzy

    PS. Here's wishing your Mom a Hoppy Momma's Day!!!

  10. What a beautifulbird, so glad you got it to come back. I hope it stays nearby.

    Happy Mothers day

    We already had mothers day but tday is mum and dads aniversary.

    Hugs GJ xx

  11. Wow! That's a cool bird! We've only seen those a couple of times and so far not this year. Our neighbor puts out an oriole feeder but we haven't see any yet...hopefully we will!

  12. Thanks for the Mother's Day wishes, Derby! Happy Mother's Day to your beanmom too!

  13. So beautiful!!! We have never seen that birdie up here!!

  14. That birdie is real pretty!

    Happy Mother's Day to your mom.

  15. You have some great birds to watch!
    That is cool that your mum attracted him back with the orange and that he brought his wife.

  16. Nice bird photo - we don't see those here. Happy mom's Day to your mom too.

  17. What a beautiful bird. We really enjoyed the pictures.


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