Friday, May 1, 2009

Finally Friday

I was waiting for mum to come home on Wednesday but then I noticed all sorts of water coming all over the place. Just like we had farther down the street last summer.
So all sorts of big and noisy trucks arrived and started diggin in the street making a huge hole.

This is right at the end of the spot where mum brings the metal monster into it's room. How will she get home? Mum is resourceful, she just parked the car down the street and walked the rest of the way. Mum says all of 100 feet, she can handle that.
Once they dug the hole, a guy went inside and then the water stopped rushing out. Then a big truck showed up and hacked up stuff to go into the hole.
Then this other big machine pushed it around more into the hole.
Mum had changed her clothes so she went outside when the truck showed up with another load to yak up.
The good news is that the water isn't leaking and with all of the rock, mum can bring the metal monster into its room every night. Mum says she is happy this didn't happen in the winter or we would have had lots of ice. Mum said the guy said the water main broke, probably since they put extra pressure on it when they flushed the fire hydrants!

While mum was out she took a few pictures of the flowers. The hy-a-cinths are all blooming.
Plus a lot of our tulips are blooming too. Ah, it is so nice to have color and flowers again.
Happy weekend one and all.


  1. Tulips! Ours are all gone already.

  2. Lovely tulips and hyacinths! You are a very brave kitty Derby to watch those trucks!

  3. My, you had some excitement at your house! You are brave to sit in the window and watch the noisy trucks. I am glad that they got it all fixed and the metal monster can stay in its house at night. I love your pretty flowers.

  4. It sounds like an exciting day at the end of your driveway. We love your flowers.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  5. The tulips look beautiful.Have a great weekend.

  6. What a mess. Must have been exciting to snoopervize.

  7. Such excitement at your place Derby!

    Huffle Mawson

  8. What an exciting thing to watch!

  9. What a upsetting day. I bet it was terribly noisy for you. Do you all have water again?

  10. Glad they wer able to fix it pretty quickly. Those flowers are lovely, our tulips finished a while ago. Happy Weekend.

    GJ x

  11. Oh, Derby, that must have been scary to watch! I've never seen such a big monster yacking.

    We have pretty yellow flowers right now. Daffy somethings.

    Victor says you should be having a gotchaversary any day now because the Kentucky horses are running... ?

  12. It's good you weren't washed away ~teh Fluffy Tribe

  13. Lovely blooms Derby! Our dafs are just coming up and the tulips are still green.

    Hope you have a more peaceful weekend! No big road monsters!!

  14. Flowers are among the very best things about spring! Broken water mains, not so much... :-)

  15. Wow, that's quite a view you had from the window, Derby! I hope you got your water back

  16. Wow, we's glad yore Mommy founded her way home!


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