Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Mum and Grampie went to the purrade yesterday, they try to sit in about the same place. Close to the start of the purrade and a good place to put the metal monster so they can get home after it is done, not too far to walk for Grampie.Across the street, there is double decker seating.
The first of many color guards coming by.
The War Dogs made an appearance again this year.
Here is a closeup of one of the war dogs. And this year even a few kitties made an appearance.
Just a few horsies
Plus a fly over of some Blackhawk Helicopters. At first mum saw three.
They flew right above mum and she got two of them in this shot.
But as they helicopters flew past, there were actually four of them that came to visit.

After the purrade, mum and Grampie came home, did a little bit of stuff outside in the metal monster room. Then mum grilled out for the two of them. Then later mum chopped off the grass again. When she was done she sat down, saw the Oriole come to visit and she also saw two hummers. The first hummers of the season. Hope you all had a rewarding weekend as well.


  1. What a great parade. There wasn't one real close to us. I could have been in it if there were.. oh well.

  2. Wow! Your mom and dad were lucky!! I don't think there was a parade here! At least it wasn't advertised and we get the local paper!

  3. That was a great parade. I'm glad that your Mom and Grampie got to go and enjoy it.

  4. That looks like a nice day for your Mom and Grampie.

    Glad your hummers are back. Ours came back last week.

    Purrs Goldie

  5. We are glad your mum and Grampie had a good day at the purrade. Did you get some good stuff from the grill?
    We have never seen Hummers or Orioles. We were hoping they would come and visit us but mum said it is too far for them too fly.

  6. That was a good parade. I have never seen a parade before. My mom worked in the dirt again yesterday.

  7. looks like a really nice parade

  8. Looks like a neat parade, Derby.

    Our MIG flies on the Blackhawk helicopters so mom thought it was neat to see them from the bottom, looking up!

  9. What an interesting looking purrade! I especially liked seeing Sylvester. I have a question...when your mom cuts the grass outside does she bring the cut stuff in to you to nibble on? I love kitty grass and just wonder if it tastes like outside grass.

  10. Lovely parade pictures.

    You do so get lovely birds to visit.
    Glad you had a good weekend.

    Hugs GJ xx

  11. The parade looks so cool! Looks like you enjoyed it.

  12. I love a parade! What a great way to enjoy the nice, sunshiney day.

  13. Love the parade pics! We saw black hawk helicopters at the baseball game we went to - it is just an awesome sight as they fly over! You are lucky to have had hummers; I've put up a feeder, but none have showed yet. We usually get loads once the trumpet vine gets blooming!

  14. Hmmmmmm. We notice this was all about them. They didn't invite you to the parade and they didn't share their cookout with you. Maybe they should reread their manual for how to keep Derby happy. (That doesn't work around here, but maybe you'll get lucky.)

    That was a nice parade. It's good your family went to honor those who gave their lives protecting us.


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